How To Start Your Own Profitable Google Business Profile Agency

Every step you need to take to offer Profitable Google Business Profile Services

A Simple solution

Running a digital marketing agency, VA business, or other B2B endeavors can feel like a constant race for results and revenue.

  • You want your clients to see excellent results, so their companies grow.


  • You need to maintain the right level of revenue to meet your financial obligations and goals.

Meeting these needs and goals is exhausting without a highly profitable and easily repeatable service. This hamster wheel can leave you burnt out from trading all your hours for the dollars coming into your business.

Adding this service to your offerings is the perfect win-win situation. It can give you a full book of business with excellent profit margins AND help your clients skyrocket their visibility and revenue.

The demand for GBP management is enormous, and you can be ready to offer it in only ten days. I’m not exaggerating!

There’s a simple solution that any marketing solopreneur, agency, or VA can implement: become an expert in Google Business Profile Management.

How To Start Your Profitable Google Business Profile Agency

This course covers everything you need to know to provide GBP management services. Whether you want to include the service as an add-on to your current offers or would rather build a full agency dedicated to GBP, this course will get you there. And once you own it, it’s yours to use for training other team members. Cost: $997

You’ll receive 19 Lessons broken into four sections:


Section 1: Business Setup


Section 2: Implementation


Section 3: Reporting & Prospecting


Section 4: Tools & Resources


You’ll receive templates, tracking sheets, standard operating procedures, and case studies throughout the curriculum. The course even includes three different prospecting plans and discounts for software you may want to use.



You will have all the pieces you need to fully launch your Google Business Profile offering or agency.

Although you can complete the course and be ready to offer GBP services in as little as ten days, it’s a self-paced curriculum you can finish on your schedule. And by managing just three business profiles for one month, you can recuperate the cost of this course!

You don’t need any marketing background or experience to follow and implement what you learn. You don’t need a team of employees. Literally, you just need an internet connection and a computer or mobile device. So even if you’re starting from the proverbial Square One, you can do this!

This course is right for you if you:

Work alone

Work with a team

Need to boost your income quickly and sustainably

Want to expand your offerings

Seek a flexible, profitable income stream

Want to expand your clients’ reach and results

Meet Your Course Creator and Instructor

Amanda Tento

I’m Amanda Tento, and I started my Google Business Profile agency in 2017. My agency has helped hundreds of businesses grow using only Google Business Profile. Even through all the digital marketplace shifts in recent years, our clients have thrived. 

As a speaker, trainer, and host of the Determined Mom Show podcast, I have spent countless hours helping other business owners understand this powerful marketing tool that is right at their fingertips.

Currently, my agency is managing and optimizing hundreds of GBP locations per month for companies around the US, and the demand keeps growing. So, we created this course to help train others to do what we do. 

By completing the course, you can access a sustainable, repeatable source of income without burning the candle at both ends until you simply burn out. You will be able to launch a business or add to your existing offerings to enjoy the income you need and want while living a life that doesn’t drain everything from you.

Amanda Tento