How to Easily Set Up Your Apple Business Connect

How to Easily Set Up Your Apple Business Connect

How to Set Up Your Apple Business Connect

This article features everything you need to know about Apple Business Connect.

What is Apple Business Connect?

Apple upgraded their Apple Maps listing to something called Apple Business Connect. And it’s basically like Apple’s answer to Google Business Profile; Apple Maps was like that before, but this has got a lot of upgrades. 

Business owners can list their company’s business across Apple Maps via the program known as Apple Business Connect. Business Connect is a free tool to make sure your business name and information appear across Apple Apps. When customers search for a specific type of business across Apple apps, relevant search results from the Apple Business Connect database are displayed, ensuring that businesses have increased visibility and a higher chance of attracting customers through the popular search engine. Business Connect gives every business owner the tools they need to connect with customers more directly.

Quickly get started adding your business on Apple and make sure your business is verified and found on Apple Maps. There are over 1,000,000,000 Apple users who are currently choosing Apple Maps every single day. So they’re using Apple Maps versus Google Maps. Google Business Profile, formerly Google My Business, is my number one favorite place for you to focus and get your business on the map. There are other people out there who use Apple Products. I’m an Android user, but we want to capture the other end of the market for using Apple devices.

How to Add or Claim an Apple Maps Business Listing using Apple Business Connect

So the first thing you’re going to do is claim your listing. You need an Apple ID to create an account in Apple Business Connect if you are an Android user. So make sure that you get an Apple ID. That’s going to be your first step.

get help with my apple business listing

One thing that I want to go back to is a couple of decades ago; we would have laughed at someone if they said if you’re not on the internet, do you exist? That is not the case now because the internet is in every single person’s pocket nearly every single person. We must make a living most of us with the Internet. So it is positively necessary to be discoverable on the internet. Google Maps is no longer the only way to do this now that Apple Maps has upgraded this Apple business connect API.

We want to make sure that after you have your Apple ID, you will want to go and claim your listing or create your listing, so if you have a brick-and-mortar store, most likely, your listing might already be there. You will see that your business will now appear on Apple Apps. You’re going to be able to display limited one-time offers, and you’re going to be able to make announcements to Apple business connect users as well.

apple business profile service

Users are going to be able to look for your business through Siri by simply asking for a business like yours near them. So they’re going to be able to say Hey, Siri. Please show me the best ice cream shop around me. You’ll also benefit from the ever-growing iOS user base. if you know that you guys are die-hard, Apple-loving fans. Apple MacBook. Cut the iPad. You’ve got the phone. All those people expanding into that market will also be your users, and you can also capture them.

The cool thing about this is that Apple Maps users, for example, can also use Google Maps, but Google Maps users typically can also use Apple Maps. Because if you have an Android, you can only get Google Maps there.

The Apple version of Apple Maps is going to fail to work. Here is an insight there for you. And you’ll see your business’s performance and engagement on Apple Maps. So they have some metrics you can track, and you’ll see how much people are engaging, much like Google Business Profiles. That is amazing. 

Why should you start with Apple Business Connect?

Small businesses should use Apple Business Connect because it offers the convenience of coordinating all communication channels in one place. With this new Apple service, businesses can lease a dedicated business phone number and verify their name and address. This allows customers to reach them easily and ensures a professional image. With Apple Business Connect, small businesses can seamlessly integrate their communication efforts and elevate their brand presence. The service also allows the creation of a virtual business place card, making it even easier for customers to find and contact the business. Upgrade to Apple Business Connect and optimize your communication strategy for success in 2023 and beyond. 

There is a straightforward and quick method to getting your business with Apple Apps. By claiming your listing, and the benefits of doing this, much like Google’s business Profile. This is so that nobody else can make changes to your app listing. Someone can go on if you haven’t claimed your listing, just like on Google—unclaimed your business. You want to ensure you’re the first to do it. You get your business claimed and start updating, providing accurate information, and getting found by your ideal customers. 

Customizing the Way Your Listings Appear

You can customize your listings to get clients and customers to know exactly why they need to hire you for your service and product. You can also post photos from the business. Just like a Google Business Profile, you can post photos of the inside of your business or your product your services; even if you don’t sell necessarily like a product, you can use it for your service-based business. You can share your business within iMessaging. You can share it a little easier in text messages on your iPhone.

The other cool thing is that there is a business chat, and it also helps you to leverage Apple Pay so you can integrate your Apple Pay Payment with the Apple Business Connectivity, whatever you would call it.


how many people have iphones

Why is it important to claim and optimize an Apple Business Connect/Apple Maps profile?

Claiming and optimizing an Apple Business Connect/Apple Maps profile is crucial to showcasing your business and having control over the way billions of people see and engage with your products and services every day. By registering your business, you can provide accurate information such as location, contact details, and operating hours. Optimizing your profile allows you to customize it with photos, videos, and a description that represents your brand. It takes up to three days for verification to maintain your business. Claiming your profile enables customers to find and connect with you through Apple Maps. 


Get Your FREE Apple Business Connect Blueprint

So these are all reasons why you should be today. Make sure you call and claim your Apple business connect.  If you would like to go ahead and download our free guide, this guide is the Apple Business Listing Blueprint. It’s a step-by-step guide to promoting your business in Apple Maps on Siri and even more. So you can go to our website, TDM Marketing, and download your free Apple Business Listing Blueprint.

You can go and collect your listing, spruce it up, and give it all the information that it needs, your hours, your details, photos of your business including a logo, and anything that you can give it because you literally can’t afford to put your business on there.

We are more than willing to help you with that, and we have Apple Business Connect setup services available. But for now, you can follow our step-by-step guide that will guide you through every single step of what you need to do to claim or create your Apple Business Connect listing.

How to Respond to Negative Google Reviews

How to Respond to Negative Google Reviews

How to Respond to Negative Google Reviews

Maintaining a polite and professional approach while responding to positive and negative reviews on Google is important. The best way to respond to a bad review is to address the concerns raised in the review, offer a sincere apology if necessary, and offer to make things right to improve your customer’s negative experience. Always remember to verify the customer review details within your Google My Business Profile and respond promptly to show your commitment to customer satisfaction. 

On the previous episode of The Determined Mom Podcast, we discussed How to Respond to Negative Google Reviews. When a business acknowledges these reviews, as Sylvia Ho mentioned, it demonstrates a commitment to understanding and addressing customer issues, positive or negative. I also take the time to share valuable tips for how to respond to negative feedback or reviews about your business.

  1. Don’t Take It Personally: The first step is not to take negative reviews personally. Understand that people who leave negative reviews may have different experiences than you desire but it is still important to respond to an unhappy customer.

  2. Acknowledge Feelings: Address the reviewer cordially, and respond directly, by acknowledging their feelings and thanking them for taking the time to review your business. Avoid getting into arguments, and don’t respond to personal attacks. Readers of the review response you leave will see how you respond to a customer with a negative experience.

  3. Show Empathy: Apologize for their negative experience or dissatisfaction, make them feel heard, and show that you care about their feelings and feedback.

  4. Offer a Solution: Tell them that you are sorry to hear their concerns and offer them to reach out and discuss the issue further. Invite them to please feel free to contact you directly through phone or email to address the problem because it is your goal to always provide the best possible service.

  5. Maintain Professionalism: Take responsibility and keep your response to negative reviews professional, even if the reviewer is aggressive or unreasonable. Use your response to a negative review as a chance to help you improve your business.                                              

  6. Highlight Customer Service: Emphasize that you value customer satisfaction and are committed to resolving issues promptly. 

  7. Avoid Details Online: Don’t discuss specific details or disputes in your response. Encourage the reviewer to contact you directly to discuss the matter more.

  8. Be Brief and Positive: Keep your response to a bad Google review concise and positive. The best response is to focus on being willing to address their concerns rather than engaging in a back-and-forth argument.

  9. Timely Responses: Even if you receive a bad Google review for your business, you must aim to respond to negative reviews promptly. 

  10. Use Review Responses Strategically: Remember that your review responses are not just for the reviewer but for potential customers. 

  11. Encourage Positive Reviews: Gather and ask for reviews from every satisfied customer coming back to your business.


Why Are Reviews Important?

Real Google reviews matter because people now look at them whenever they buy a product or service. Reviews on your Google are something that we have now been trained over the past ten years to look at any time we buy a product. If you are not getting enough reviews, you may be skipped over by a potential client. Having that reminder in their inbox is helping those Amazon sellers and Amazon itself to get more reviews. 5-star reviews are so powerful. If you’re a location-based business with people visiting your door daily, you must collect those positive experience reviews within a platform like Google Maps, also formerly known as Google my business


How to Respond to Negative Google Reviews

Why Responding to Reviews is Important

Responding to your Google reviews is critical, and there are different reasons why you should reply to your reviews. I will give four reasons why responding with positive and negative reviews is important.

Reason 1. Bad reviews hurt because Google picks up everything that is in that review. 

Google not only picks up good reviews or negative ones but also your response to the review. For example, If a customer has a particular service,  like a hair salon, and let’s say they got a great haircut, they mention exactly what they got done. They mention your salon name and the city and say, ” This was the best balayage and haircut I’ve ever had, and I cannot wait to go back.” That is going to give you more of an SEO Juice on Google.

And let’s say a customer doesn’t leave a great detailed review. And they only ” Sarah’s so great. It was amazing. Love it. Can’t wait to go back”. What was great? What was amazing? Why can’t you wait to go back? Google doesn’t have any idea. As the business owner, you must put those details in that review. 

For example, ” Sarah is excellent. I’m so glad you enjoyed your eyelash treatment and her service”. And you want to use all those keywords in your reply, especially if they don’t leave it in the review. So that is the number one reason, KEYWORDS. 

Reason 2. Protect your online reputation

The review response is really all about reputation management. If you get a negative review, and you learn how to respond make sure that the next customer who’s reading that review is comfortable with your response. And you want that next customer to say, “I would like to go there just because of how they replied to this negative review.” That is the kind of response you need to put out there. I’ve seen a lot of business owners start arguing with people. 

They start name-calling. It’s just not the place to do it. And the reason is that you’re not replying to that person leaving you the review; you’re replying to every potential future customer that you have that is looking at your listing. So keep that in mind when you’re responding because it does help your reputation. You can steer that ship however you’d like and give the public the proper feeling about your business, the proper knowledge of what you do, all of those things in review response. 

Reason 3. Responding to all reviews

Responding to your online reviews is important because it is every customer that you’re responding to. They will get an email after you respond to the review, and it will say, have responded to your review on Google, and they’ll get a link to check it out. And so that is going to give them a warm fuzzy feeling if it’s a nice heartfelt response, and they’re going to be like, “I can’t wait to see that person next time, or I can’t wait to go back for my next service or treatment.” 

They’re not going to be able to forget you as easily. It’s another touch in your customer service system, and it lets that customer know that you value them and want to see them again soon, and you took the time out of your day to respond to their review. You might have 100 reviews in your Google Business Profile. You took the time to respond to their review. 

Reason 4. Monitoring all reviews

The reason why we’re responding to reviews is important is for your business practices. So ensure you have a system for review response, whether, on Google, Yelp, or any of that can affect how you run your business. Paying attention to the reviews that are coming in. Are they good? Are they bad? Is there anything in them that you can use to improve? Is there anything that you can talk to your staff about that might be something that can be mitigated for the next customer that comes in so they don’t have that same experience? It’s very important to read your reviews, process them, and understand how you can use them to improve. 

 Using Keywords in Reviews and Review Responses

Keywords and review responses are really important to your website and your social media, your blog posts, and for Google My Business, everything you write in both negative and positive reviews should include your keywords. That includes reviews and review responses from your happy or unhappy customers. If you have one service you want to rank for that you’re not ranking for. Let’s say you added a service recently, and you haven’t had a lot of clients, but it’s going to be a successful service, and you want to get as much traction for it. This is where in your review management responses, you can start adding that in. So maybe, you respond to customer feedback who had a massage and say, ” Happy that you loved your massage.” 

The best tool I can suggest, and the one I use in keyword research, is “keywords everywhere.” I recommend to every single business owner to have this tool built into their Chrome browser. So anytime you Google anything, it’s going to bring up statistics on the right-hand side, it’s going to bring up a little chart, and it’s going to say these are similar searches or to whatever search you’re doing. Then you can just click the button and see the search volume, the cost per click, and how competitive that particular term is to rank for. And again, that extension is keywords everywhere.


Can You Remove Reviews from Google?

You cannot remove a review from Google. However, if it is inappropriate, contains inappropriate language or abusive, and contains hate speech, there are some parameters in which that review can be removed. So you can submit a request to Google to have a particular review removed. If it doesn’t contain anything that violates Google’s terms, then most likely, they’re going to leave it. There are some occasions in which I have had reviews removed from cut for customers. 

Let’s say I had a carpet cleaning service, and someone left a review for a chiropractor on their listing, and it said chiropractor. The case was. I could submit that review to Google and say, “This is the wrong business. They did not mean to leave this here. Maybe they clicked on the wrong place and just went to town on the review”.

 But that is an instance where you can get reviews removed from Google. Why can’t you remove just any old review? The reason is that people want to know the good, the bad reviews, and the negative feedback for every business. And Google also wants people to know those things as well. If someone had a bad experience, it’s really important for Google as a reputation management service to allow those negative reviews to stand.

How to Get More Google Reviews

You may have a CRM, follow-up, or email system in your business. Every time you send an email, you want to have a link to your Google review page. I don’t mean just your Google My Business listing. If you go on to your home, log in to Google My Business, go home, and then scroll down, you’ll see a little person that’s like looking up at the sky.

That is where you can get your review link. So you’re going to click that. Copy that link because that will get your people to go directly to your review link and start typing. All they have to do is click that link and start things. So there’s no friction in there. They’re not going to go to your listing and then have to figure out where the reviews are because sometimes it’s hard for you to find, and then they’re going to click on it, and then they’re going to click on write a review. 

Now this takes them into the compose a review section. This is important for every type of business, but it’s also really important to have that link on your website, your Facebook page, and your invoices wherever you interact with your clients. It’s important to do that. Another great way to get more reviews is to have a follow-up system. This system will allow you, after your customer leaves or after your business is completed with them, it will allow them to get an email from you, and it will give them the link to leave a review. 

How Review Generation Software Works

We recently started doing this for our clients at TDM Marketing. It empowers the owners of the business to control the ratings that go onto their listing, And it also allows the clients of the business to easily, without very much resistance, leave reviews. Review generation software we offer at TDM Marketing Works by you either have it on your website. You can have a link on your website that will go to a kiosk page, and someone will just click on how they thought their service was. 

So 1 star, 2 stars, 3 stars, four stars, 5 stars, whatever that is, If they click on 1 through 3 stars, they will be directed to give feedback. Like, what went wrong, and what happened in this case? Why didn’t you like the service? What could we have done better? What are we going to do next time to keep you here as a customer? What can we do this time to fix what we’ve done? that you didn’t like. 

So those numbers are going to lead them there. And if they click on a 4 or a 5, they are going to be directed to your Google link your Yelp link, or whatever link you choose to have them leave it on; our software allows you to automate that, and it will allow you to pick from the one with the lease reviews. So you can put it on if you have 400 Google and 20 Yelp reviews. 

It will allow you to build up those Yelp reviews, and it will direct people automatically based on the number of reviews you have. If you have Google, if you haven’t set to Google reviews, this is why I love Google. You are going to be able to collect a ton of reviews. The more reviews you have, as we spoke about in past episodes of this series, the more keywords are going to be in your reviews for Google to choose from, and that is going to give you a deeper keyword profile online in the local SEO and national SEO market. 

So those keywords are very important, And the more of those you have in your reviews, the better. So how can you get more in your reviews? You have to get more reviews. So that’s where this review generation software comes in because it automates everything for you. It will immediately send out an email to your client. We can tie it to your CRM; you don’t have to enter them manually. 

 The Easiest Way to Respond to Google Reviews

You don’t even have to think about it. It’s like responding to a text message. That’s how easy it’s going to be for you. You will first go to either the Google Play Store or the Apple iTunes Store or App Store. All technology aside. You’re going to download the Google Maps app from Google.

This is the most effective way. And not only just reviews, it will also allow you to get direct customer messages. If you have a  hair salon and someone asks, “Do you have someone great at this haircut?” Like, long bobs or angle bobs or, you know, any of those things, your customer contemplating whether they should choose you or another salon can send you a message on Google My Business. If you have the app on your phone, you’ll get that message directly on your phone, and it will also go to anyone else who has access to your Google My Business on their phone. 

So Again, the Maps app on the App Store or Google Play will be your best and easiest way to respond to reviews. Because you’ll be able to take your phone out, look at the notification, click on it, and respond to that review from wherever you are, doing whatever you’re doing. Very easy for you in your pocket super easy. It’s less effort than replying to a text message from a loved one, friend, or family.

How Google Business Profile Management Will Grow Your Business

How Google Business Profile Management Will Grow Your Business

In this article,  I will discuss how Google Business Profile management will grow your business.

Understanding Google Business Profile

I never explained how managing your Google business page will support business growth. Your company will expand dramatically as a result. Let me first provide you with some background information. Understanding Google Business Profile is essential for small businesses since it may greatly enhance their internet presence.

By optimizing the profile with the right keywords and descriptions, the chances that the business will draw more customers can be raised. A well-maintained Google Business Profile on Google Maps can significantly improve the online presence of a local business and increase the likelihood of new customers finding your business through Google search. 

The Importance of Having a Google Business Profile

So what your Google My Business Profile does is give customers info about your business on Google without the need for them to search elsewhere. 

When your customer searches for your business, they don’t have to do any more searching. All the information that they need is right in front of them. There are photos of your business, your business hours, your phone number, and your link to your website URL. There are services, there are products, there are testimonials, and your business description.

One of the biggest benefits of Google Business Profile is they don’t need to go anywhere else to decide whether or not they want to give you a phone call. This makes it easier for them to decide whether or not to contact you when they find your business.

Messaging directly with someone can be a true game-changer

Messaging directly with someone through a Google account can be a true game-changer for business owners. With the help of a management service, you can now easily connect with your customers and potential clients. Whether answering their queries or providing valuable information, this messaging feature enables you to engage with your business audience like never before. Gone are the days of phone calls and long email exchanges, as now you can have real-time conversations and build relationships instantly. This direct line of communication ensures that your business information is readily available and accessible, creating a positive and efficient customer experience. 

This is the reason why Google’s business profile is amazing. The other amazing thing about it is that you can now get messages. You can get messages sent directly to your phone, like a notification. And those messages can bring you money and answer people’s questions. Google has just added the ability to get text notifications on your personal phone number when a customer messages your business using Google Maps. This ensures you never miss a message from your Google My Business page.

Why it’s essential to respond promptly

I want you to know that responding quickly is important for effective communication and maintaining relationships. When we respond quickly, it shows respect and consideration for the other person’s time and needs. It also helps prevent misunderstandings and allows swift resolution of issues or concerns. Prompt responses also demonstrate professionalism and reliability, which are key traits in both personal and professional settings. 

Those who respond promptly to their messages and customers tend to receive a higher volume of business and communication. If you turn on the messaging service, make sure that you have your maps logged into whatever account that you have your Google Business Profile on, and make sure that you’re checking and make sure that you have it set up to push to a text message for you automatically. 

How Google Business Profile Management Will Grow Your Business: A Hair Salon is an example

So how can you manage your Google business profile to grow your business?  An example we will use for this is a hair salon. I always use hair salons because they are easy, relatable, and one of the brick-and-mortar stores many people regularly visit. Let’s say you own a hair salon and have a Google My Business listing.

How can you use that to grow your business? You can use that by ensuring that Google has accurate important information about your business. If every single thing on Google Business profile listings is filled out, this will mean you have an Optimized Google Business Profile. When your listing is optimized, it leads to a stronger first impression on Google and attracts customers to your business. 

Using a Google Business Profile is a free business listing and is a great way to expand your business, and a hair salon or any local business is more likely to benefit greatly from using Google Business. By adding your salon’s business name to your Google Business Profile, customers can easily find information about your business and services, location, and useful information about your business through a Google local search.

This optimization of your Google Business account will increase your salon’s visibility and attract more ideal clients across Google. With the help of a Google Business Profile manager, you can regularly keep your business information updated, respond to customer reviews (feedback about your business), and keep your online presence up-to-date. Without a Google Business Profile, you are not able to control in any way how often your business shows on Google Search and Maps.

Optimizing Your Google Business Profile

Having great pictures like any other social media platform would be best. It’s a visual platform, as well as just informational. You must have great pictures, accurate information, and your hours listed accurately. You’re going to ensure that everything you’re telling Google is accurate. You’re going to make sure that you have a great description that uses great keywords that people are searching for to try to find you, such as best hair salon or best coloring or hair dyeing or processing or whatever extensions, whatever you do. So those services that you specialize in.

Google My Business Profile Optimization

Engaging with Reviews and Building a Reputation

You want to ensure you have those in your description and some location keywords. Make sure you respond to reviews, positive or negative review, and have more information. In that case, you can listen to episode number 250 with Sylvia Ho, and you’ll find out exactly what you need to say to the negative and positive reviews, but reply to every review because that’s an opportunity for your customer to put keywords in there. And if they don’t put those keywords, you can add them.


Utilizing the Influence of Reviews and User Feedback

Positive reviews and feedback not only build trust and credibility among potential customers but also help your business rank higher on Google. This works for some industries but not as well for others because of confidentiality issues. In my previous episode, Sylvia brought that up on our episode, and she’s an attorney, so she can’t say, “Oh, it was great helping you with X, Y, and Z.”, If the client didn’t already reveal that. So with a haircut, it’s not as confidential. So that’s a different industry. So keep that in mind as you do this for your industry.

Google Reviews and SEO Ranking

The other thing is that getting more reviews gives you more user signals. It gives Google more user signals, not you. And so, the more reviews you have, the more popular your listing is. The more popular your location is, the more people you have coming through the door also helps you.

Improving Your Online Visibility and Ranking in Search Results

Google tracks everybody, and we know they can tell you how busy any business is. If you go to that business it’s going to give you it is busier than usual, not as busy, busy as normal, all of those things. So that’s because Google tracks everyone. So the more users that are into it, the more users leaking reviews for your business, the better.

Your reputation will be a huge part of it because Google Reviews is the number two ranking factor for Google SEO. Number one is Google’s business profile. Number two is Google Reviews. And then number three is your website. The other thing that will allow you to do is show up in more searches and make your business get found.

Strategically Posting to Increase Exposure

The more searches you show up in, the more you’re going to rank. The higher you’re going to rank, the more customers you’re going to get. It’s just like a circle that leads back, just an ecological circle feeding into itself. So the more you work on your Google business profile, the better. The other thing it’s going to do is it is going to give you opportunities every single day, even multiple times a day if you want to share about your business. And when I say share about your Business, I’m not talking about a social media post.

I’m talking about the things that people are searching for. So you will want to create posts that give information about your services, specifically things people will search for on Google. So going back to the example of a hair salon, if I’m searching for Hair Extensions in Portland, Oregon, I will want to post about them.

If you want to find out what people are searching for to find you, you can go to your Google Search console, and you can look and see what searches I show up for. What are people searching for to be able to come to my website? Those will be some of the searches you’re going to target. You’re also going to target some of your inquiries.


Creating Informative and Relevant Posts

For example, if you do a Brazilian blowout, you want to ensure that you have that as a post periodically. I wanted to let you know that you want to provide a great picture. You’d like to provide a book link. You want to make sure that there are all of those keywords in your business description. You want to make sure your location keywords are in there.

So Google is pulling data from every single thing that you put into Google. So it pulls it from your description. It pulls it from your products. It pulls it from your services. It pulls it from your reviews. It pulls it from your review responses, and it also pulls from your post your update. So please ensure that you’re updating your profile regularly, ensuring that all of your information is accurate and that you’re posting regularly.

That is what formerly Google My Business or Google Business Profile management is all about, managing that profile. Our Google Business Profile team will help you improve your Google Business Profile Account and help you get the maximum benefit for your business Google Business Profile offers. 

Feel free to reach out at TDM Marketing. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me there. I usually hang out on LinkedIn, so if you want to connect, please send me a connection request. Looking forward to connecting with you, and I thank you for listening. 

5 Benefits of Hiring a Marketing Agency to Manage your Google Business Profile Services for multiple business locations

5 Benefits of Hiring a Marketing Agency to Manage your Google Business Profile Services for multiple business locations

5 Benefits of Hiring a Marketing Agency to Manage your Google Business Profile Services for multiple business locations

In today’s digital age, it is important for businesses to establish their online presence. One of the best ways to do so is by creating a Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business aka GMB). A Google Business Profile (GBP) is a free tool that allows local businesses and business owners to create an online presence on Google and manage their information across Google Search and Google Maps. However, managing multiple business locations can be overwhelming, which is where a marketing agency like TDM Marketing comes in. In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits of hiring a marketing agency to manage your Google Business Profile services for multiple business locations.

Consistent branding and messaging

Consistent branding and messaging are crucial for any business, especially when managing multiple locations. We can help ensure that all of your business locations have consistent branding and messaging across all of their Google Business Profiles. This includes ensuring that all of your locations have the same logo, business description, and photos. Consistency in branding and messaging will help your business appear more professional and organized and will make it easier for customers to recognize and trust your brand.

Google Business Profile Management for Multiple location businesses improves brand recognition
Google Business Profile management for multi location businesses improves seo

Improved search engine optimization

Google Business Profiles are an important part of search engine optimization (local SEO). When your business has a Google Business Profile, it increases the chances that your business will appear in Google search results and Google Maps. We can help optimize your Google Business Profiles for SEO by adding relevant keywords, descriptions, and photos. This will help improve your search engine ranking and make it easier for potential customers to find your business online.

Increased visibility

Managing multiple Google Business Profiles can be time-consuming, especially if you are trying to do it all yourself. We can help increase the visibility of your business by managing your Business on Google for you. We can make sure that all of your locations are listed on Google Maps and that all of the information is up to date. This will make it easier for customers to find your business and increase your visibility online, which will help you reach more customers.

Enhanced customer engagement

Google Business Profiles make it easy for customers to leave reviews and ratings for your business. We can help you manage customer engagement by responding to customer reviews and ratings. This will help build trust and loyalty with your customers and show that you care about their feedback. Additionally, we can help you create posts and updates on your Google Business Profile to keep your customers engaged and informed about your business. Through our reputation management services, we will help you gather more positive customer reviews through the use of review gating.

google business profile management for multi location businesses increases customer engagement
Google my business management services for multi location businesses saves time and money

Time and cost savings

Managing multiple Google Business Profiles can be time-consuming, especially if you are trying to do it all yourself. A marketing agency can help you save time and money by managing your Google Business Profiles for you. They can help you create and manage your profiles, respond to customer reviews, and optimize your profiles for SEO. This will free up your time to focus on other important aspects of your business, such as customer service, product development, and marketing.

Multi-Location Google Business Profile Services

In conclusion, hiring us to maintain your Google Business Profile services for multiple business locations has numerous benefits. We can help ensure consistent branding and messaging, improve search engine optimization, increase visibility, enhance customer engagement, and save time and money. If you are struggling to manage your Google Business Profiles for multiple locations, consider hiring us to help you optimize your online presence and grow your business.

As a business with multiple locations, managing your Google Business Profiles can be a daunting task. That’s where our agency comes in – we specialize in managing Google Business Profiles for businesses with multiple locations and can help improve your local search rankings and increase visibility for each location. Click here to book an appointment to learn more and ask questions.

Google My Business Categories

Google My Business Categories

Google My Business Category List

Google My Business has many listing Categories. These categories will help you be found be the right customers who are searching for your services.  You can have one main category and nine sub-categories. You can choose from over 3,000 categories listed below.

Google My Business Services By TDM Marketing

Selecting the right categories will be one of the main differentiators in being found by your ideal customers who are ready to buy.


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Organisation
Aboriginal Art Gallery
Abortion Clinic
Abrasives Supplier
Abundant Life Church
Accounting Firm
Accounting School
Accounting Software Company
Acoustical Consultant
Acrobatic Diving Pool
Acrylic Store
Acupuncture Clinic
Acupuncture School
Acura Dealer
Addiction Treatment Center
Administrative Attorney
Adoption Agency
Adult Day Care Center
Adult DVD Store
Adult Education School
Adult Entertainment Club
Adult Entertainment Store
Adult Foster Care Service
Adventure Sports
Adventure Sports Center
Advertising Agency
Commercial Photographer
Advertising Service
Aerated Drinks Supplier
Antenna Service
Aerial Photographer
Aerial Sports Center
Aero Dance Class
Aerobics Instructor
Aeromodel Shop
Aeronautical Engineer
Aerospace Company
Afghani Restaurant
African Goods Store
African Restaurant
After School Program
Agenzia Entrate
Aggregate Supplier
Agistment Service
Agricultural Association
Agricultural Cooperative
Agricultural Engineer
Agricultural High School
Agricultural Machinery Manufacturer
Agricultural Organization
Agricultural Product Wholesaler
Agricultural Production
Agricultural Service
Agricultural Service Supply Agency
Agriculture Cooperative
Agrochemicals Supplier
Aikido Club
Aikido School
Air Compressor Repair Service
Air Compressor Supplier
Air Conditioning Contractor
Air Conditioning Repair Service
Air Conditioning Store
Air Conditioning System Supplier
Air Duct Cleaning Service
Air Filter Supplier
Air Force Base
Air Taxi
Airbrushing Service
Airbrushing Supply Store
Aircraft Maintenance Company
Aircraft Manufacturer
Aircraft Rental Service
Aircraft Supply Store
Airline Ticket Agency
Airport Hotel
Airport Shuttle Service
Airsoft Supply Store
Alcohol Manufacturer
Alcohol Retail Monopoly
Alcoholic Beverage Wholesaler
Alcoholism Treatment Program
Alliance Church
Alsace Restaurant
Alternative Fuel Station
Alternative Medicine Practitioner
Alternator Supplier
Aluminum Supplier
Aluminum Frames Supplier
Aluminum Welder
Aluminum Window
Amateur theater
Ambulance Service
American Restaurant
Amish Furniture Store
Ammunition Supplier
Amusement Center
Amusement Machine Supplier
Amusement Park
Amusement Park Ride
Amusement Ride Supplier
An Hui Restaurant
Anago Restaurant
Andalusian Restaurant
Angler Fish Restaurant
Anglican Church
Animal Control Service
Animal Hospital
Animal Park
Animal Protection Organization
Animal Rescue Service
Animal Shelter
Animation Studio
Anime Club
Antique Furniture Restoration Service
Antique Furniture Store
Antique Store
Apartment Building
Apartment Complex
Apartment Rental Agency
Apostolic Church
Appliance Parts Supplier
Appliance Rental Service
Appliance Repair Service
Appliance Store
Appliances Customer Service
Apprenticeship Center
Aquaculture Farm
Aquarium Shop
Aquatic Centre
Arborist and Tree Surgeon
Archaeological Museum
Archery Club
Archery Event
Archery Hall
Archery Range
Archery Store
Architects Association
Architectural and Engineering Model Maker
Architectural Designer
Architectural Salvage Store
Architecture Firm
Architecture School
Argentinian Restaurant
Armed Forces Association
Armenian Church
Armenian Restaurant
Army & Navy Surplus Shop
Army Barracks
Army Facility
Army Museum
Aromatherapy Class
Aromatherapy Service
Aromatherapy Supply Store
Art Cafe
Art Center
Art Dealer
Art Gallery
Art Handcraft
Art Museum
Art Restoration Service
Art School
Art Studio
Art Supply Store
Artificial Plant Supplier
Artistic Painting School
Arts Organization
Asbestos Testing Service
Asian Fusion Restaurant
Asian Grocery Store
Asian Household Goods Store
Asian Massage Therapist
Asian Restaurant
Asphalt Contractor
Asphalt Mixing Plant
Assemblies of God Church
Assembly Room
Assistante Maternelle
Assisted Living Facility
Association or Organization
Asturian Restaurant
Athletic Club
Athletic Field
Athletic Park
Athletic Track
Attorney Referral Service
ATV Dealer
ATV Rental Service
ATV Repair Shop
Auction House
Audi Dealer
Audio Visual Consultant
Audio Visual Equipment Rental Service
Audio Visual Equipment Repair Service
Audio Visual Equipment Supplier
Australian Goods Store
Australian Restaurant
Austrian Restaurant
Auto Accessories Wholesaler
Auto Air Conditioning Service
Auto Auction
Auto Body Parts Supplier
Auto Body Shop
Auto Broker
Auto Chemistry Shop
Auto Dent Removal Service
Auto Electrical Service
Auto Glass Shop
Auto Insurance Agency
Auto Machine Shop
Auto Market
Auto Parts Manufacturer
Auto Parts Market
Auto Parts Store
Auto Radiator Repair Service
Auto Repair Shop
Auto Restoration Service
Auto Spring Shop
Auto Sunroof Shop
Auto Tag Agency
Auto Tune Up Service
Auto Upholsterer
Auto Wrecker
Automation Company
Automobile Storage Facility
Aviation Consultant
Aviation Training Institute
Awning Supplier
Baby Clothing Store
Baby Store
Baby Swimming School
Badminton Club
Badminton Complex
Badminton Court
Bag Shop
Bagel Shop
Bahá’í House of Worship
Bail Bonds Service
Bait Shop
Bakery Equipment
Baking Supply Store
Ballet School
Ballet Theater
Balloon Artist
Balloon Ride Tour Agency
Balloon Store
Ballroom Dance Instructor
Bangladeshi Restaurant
Bankruptcy Attorney
Bankruptcy Service
Banner Store
Banquet Hall
Baptist Church
Bar & Grill
Bar Restaurant Furniture Store
Bar Stool Supplier
Bar Tabac
Barbecue Restaurant
Barbecue area
Barber School
Barber Shop
Barber Supply Store
Bark Supplier
Barrel Supplier
Bartending School
Baseball Club
Baseball Field
Baseball Goods Store
Basket Supplier
Basketball Club
Basketball Court
Basketball Court Contractor
Basque Restaurant
Bathroom Remodeler
Bathroom Supply Store
Battery Manufacturer
Battery Store
Battery Wholesaler
Batting Cage Center
BBQ Area
Beach Cleaning Service
Beach Clothing Store
Beach Entertainment Shop
Beach Pavillion
Beach Resort
Beach Volleyball Club
Beach Volleyball Court
Bead Store
Bead Wholesaler
Bearing Supplier
Beauty Product Supplier
Beauty Products Vending Machine
Beauty Products Wholesaler
Beauty Salon
Beauty School
Beauty Supply Store
Bed & Breakfast
Bed Shop
Bedding Store
Bedroom Furniture Store
Gyudon Restaurant
Beer Distributor
Beer Garden
Beer Hall
Beer Store
Belgian Restaurant
Belt Shop
Berry Restaurant
Betting Agency
Beverage Distributor
Bible Church
Bicycle Club
Bicycle Rack
Bicycle Rental Service
Bicycle Repair Shop
Bike Sharing Station
Bicycle Store
Bicycle Wholesale
Bikram Yoga Studio
Bilingual School
Billiards Supply Store
Bingo Hall
Biochemical Supplier
Biochemistry Lab
Biofeedback Therapist
Biotechnology Company
Biotechnology Engineer
Bird Control Service
Bird Shop
Bird Watching Area
Birth Center
Birth Certificate Service
Birth Control Center
Blast Cleaning Service
Blind School
Blinds Shop
Blood Bank
Blood Donation Center
Blood Testing Service
Blueprint Service
Blues Club
BMW Dealer
BMW Motorcycle Dealer
BMX Club
BMX Park
BMX Track
Board Game Club
Board of Education
Board of Trade
Boarding House
Boarding School
Boat Accessories Supplier
Boat Builders
Boat Club
Boat Cover Supplier
Boat Dealer
Boat Ramp
Boat Rental Service
Boat Repair Shop
Boat Storage Facility
Boat Tour Agency
Boat Trailer Dealer
Boating Instructor
Bocce Ball Court
Body Piercing Shop
Body Shaping Class
Boiler Manufacturer
Boiler Supplier
Bonesetting House
Bonsai Plant Supplier
Book Publisher
Book Store
Bookkeeping Service
Books Wholesaler
Boot Camp
Boot Repair Shop
Boot Store
Border Crossing Station
Border Guard
Botanical Garden
Bottle & Can Redemption Center
Bottled Water Supplier
Bouncy Castle Hire
Boutique Hotel
Bowling Alley
Bowling Club
Bowling Supply Shop
Box Lunch Supplier
Boxing Club
Boxing Gym
Boxing Ring
Boys’ High School
BPO Company
BPO Placement Agency
Brake Shop
Brazilian Restaurant
Breakfast Restaurant
Brewing Supply Store
Brick Manufacturer
Bridal Shop
Bridge Club
British Restaurant
Brunch Restaurant
Bubble Tea
Buddhist Supplies Store
Buddhist Temple
Budget Hotel
Budget Japanese Inn
Buffet Restaurant
Buick Dealer
Building Consultant
Building Design Company
Building Equipment Hire Service
Building Firm
Building Inspector
Building Materials Market
Building Materials Store
Building Materials Supplier
Building Restoration Service
Building Society
Chartered Surveyor
Bulgarian Restaurant
Bungee Jumping Center
Burglar Alarm Store
Burmese Restaurant
Burrito Restaurant
Bus and Coach Company
Bus Charter
Bus Company
Bus Ticket Agency
Bus Tour Agency
Business Administration Service
Business Broker
Business Center
Business Development Service
Business Hotel
Business Management Consultant
Business Networking Company
Business Park
Business School
Business to Business Service
Butane Gas Supplier
Butcher Shop
Butcher Shop Deli
Butsudan Store
Cabaret Club
Cabin Rental Agency
Cabinet Maker
Cabinet Store
Cable Company
Cadillac Dealer
Cajun Restaurant
Cake Decorating Equipment Shop
Cake Shop
Californian Restaurant
Call Center
Call Shop
Calligraphy Lesson
Calvary Chapel Church
Cambodian Restaurant
Camera Repair Shop
Camera Store
Camper Shell Supplier
Camping Farm
Camping Store
Pacific Northwest Restaurant (Canada)
Canadian Restaurant
Cancer Treatment Center
Candle Store
Candy Store
Cane Furniture Store
Cannabis store
Canoe and Kayak Club
Canoe & Kayak Rental Service
Canoe & Kayak Store
Canoe & Kayak Tour Agency
Canoeing Area
Cantabrian Restaurant
Cantonese Restaurant
Cape Verdean Restaurant
Capoeira School
Capsule Hotel
Car Accessories Store
Car Alarm Supplier
Car Battery Store
Car Dealer
Car Detailing Service
Car Factory
Car Finance and Loan Company
Car Inspection Station
Car Leasing Service
Car Manufacturer
Car Racing Track
Car Rental Agency
Car Repair and Maintenance
Car Security System Installer
Car Service
Car Sharing Location
Car Stereo Store
Car Wash
Carabinieri Police
Career Guidance Service
Caribbean Restaurant
Carnival Club
Carpet Cleaning Service
Carpet Installer
Carpet Manufacturer
Carpet Store
Carpet Wholesaler
Carport and Pergola Builder
Carriage Ride Service
Cash and Carry Wholesaler
Casket Service
Castilian Restaurant
Castle Hotel
Syokudo and Teishoku Restaurant
Conveyor Belt Sushi Restaurant
Cat Hostel
Catalonian Restaurant
Catering Food and Drink Supplier
Catholic Cathedral
Catholic Church
Catholic School
Cattle Farm
Cattle Market
CBSE School
CD Store
Ceiling Supplier
Cell Phone Accessory Store
Cell Phone Store
Cement Manufacturer
Cement Supplier
Central American Restaurant
Central Authority
Central Bank
Ceramic Manufacturer
Ceramics Wholesaler
Certification Agency
Certified Public Accountant
Chamber of Agriculture
Chamber of Commerce
Chamber of Handicrafts
Champon Noodle Restaurant
Chanko Restaurant
Charter School
Chartered Accountant
Check Cashing Service
Cheese Manufacturer
Cheese Shop
Cheesesteak Restaurant
Chemical Engineer
Chemical Exporter
Chemical Manufacturer
Chemical Plant
Chemical Wholesaler
Chemistry Faculty
Chemistry Lab
Chesapeake Restaurant
Chess and Card Club
Chess Club
Chess Instructor
Chevrolet Dealer
Chicken Hatchery
Chicken Restaurant
Chicken Shop
Chicken Wings Restaurant
Child Care Agency
Child Health Care Centre
Child Psychologist
Childbirth Class
Children’s Amusement Center
Children Hall
Children Policlinic
Childrens Book Store
Childrens Cafe
Children’s Clothing Store
Childrens Club
Childrens Farm
Children’s Furniture Store
Childrens Home
Children’s Hospital
Childrens Library
Children’s Museum
Childrens Party Buffet
Children’s Party Service
Childrens Store
Childrens Theater
Chilean Restaurant
Chimney Services
Chimney Sweep
Chinaware Store
Chinese Language Instructor
Chinese Language School
Chinese Medical Hospital
Chinese Medicine Clinic
Chinese Medicine Store
Chinese Noodle Restaurant
Chinese Pastry
Chinese Restaurant
Chinese Supermarket
Chinese Takeaway
Chinese Tea House
Chocolate Artisan
Chocolate Cafe
Chocolate Factory
Chocolate Shop
Chophouse Restaurant
Christian Book Store
Christian Church
Christian College
Christmas Market
Christmas Store
Christmas Tree Farm
Chrysler Dealer
Church of Christ
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Church of the Nazarene
Church Supply Store
Cider Bar
Cider Mill
Cigar Shop
Cinema Equipment Supplier
Circular Distribution Service
Citizen Information Bureau
Citizens Advice Bureau
City Administration
City Clerk’s Office
City Courthouse
City Department of Environment
City Department of Public Safety
City Department of Transportation
City District Office
City Employment Department
City Government Office
City or Town Hall
City Hospital
City Park
City pillar shrine
City Tax Office
Civic Center
Civil Defence
Civil Engineer
Civil Engineering Company
Civil Examinations Academy
Civil Law Attorney
Civil Police
Civil Registry
Classified Ads Newspaper Publisher
Cleaning Products Supplier
Cleaning Service
Clock Repair Service
Clock Watch Maker
Closed Circuit Television
Clothes and Fabric Manufacturer
Clothes and Fabric Wholesaler
Clothes Market
Clothing Alteration Service
Clothing Store
Clothing Supplier
Clothing Wholesale Market Place
Clothing Wholesaler
CNG Fittment Center
Coaching Center
Coal Exporter
Coal Supplier
Coast Guard Station
Coat Wholesaler
Cocktail Bar
Co-ed School
Coffee Machine Supplier
Coffee Roasters
Coffee Shop
Coffee Store
Coffee Vending Machine
Coffee Wholesaler
Coffin Supplier
Coin Dealer
Coin Operated Laundry Equipment Supplier
Coin Operated Locker
Cold Cut Store
Cold Noodle Restaurant
Cold Storage Facility
Collectibles Store
College of Agriculture
Colombian Restaurant
Comedy Club
Comic Book Store
Comic Cafe
Commercial Agent
Commercial Cleaning Service
Commercial Printer
Commercial Real Estate Agency
Commercial Real Estate Inspector
Commercial Refrigeration
Commercial Refrigerator Supplier
Commissioner for Oaths
Communications Central
Community Center
Community College
Community Garden
Community Health Centre
Community School
Company Registry
Computer Accessories Store
Computer Club
Computer Consultant
Computer Desk Store
Computer Hardware Manufacturer
Computer Networking Center
Computer Repair Service
Computer Security Service
Computer Service
Computer Software Store
Computer Store
Computer Support and Services
Computer Training School
Computer Wholesaler
Concert Hall
Concrete Contractor
Concrete Factory
Concrete Metal Framework Supplier
Concrete Product Supplier
Condiments Supplier
Condominium Complex
Condominium Rental Agency
Confectionery Wholesaler
Conference Center
Conference Hotel
Conservation Department
Conservative Club
Conservative Synagogue
Conservatory Construction Contractor
Conservatory of Music
Conservatory Supply & Installation
Consignment Shop
Construction and Maintenance Office
Construction Company
Construction Equipment Supplier
Construction Machine Dealer
Construction Machine Rental Service
Construction Material Wholesaler
Consumer Advice Center
Contact Lenses Supplier
Container Service
Container Supplier
Container Terminal
Containers Supplier
Contemporary Louisiana Restaurant
Continental Restaurant
Convenience Store
Convenience Stores Organization
Convention Center
Convention Information Bureau
Cookie Shop
Cooking Class
Cooking School
Cooling Plant
Copier Repair Service
Copper Supplier
Copy Shop
Copying Supply Store
Corporate Campus
Corporate Entertainment Service
Corporate Gift Supplier
Corporate Office
Correctional Services Department
Cosmetic Dentist
Cosmetic Products Manufacturer
Cosmetics and Parfumes Supplier
Cosmetics Industry
Cosmetics Store
Cosmetics Wholesaler
Cosplay Cafe
Costa Rican Restaurant
Costume Jewelry Shop
Costume Rental Service
Costume Store
Cottage Rental
Cottage Village
Cotton Exporter
Cotton Mill
Cotton Supplier
Countertop Store
Country Club
Country Food Restaurant
Country House
Country Park
County Government Office
Courier Service
Cours de Capoeira
Cours de Surf
Court Executive Officer
Court Reporter
Couscous Restaurant
Couture Store
Coworking Space
Crab House
Craft Centre
Craft Store
Cramming School
Crane Dealer
Crane Rental Agency
Crane Service
Craniosacral Therapy
Credit Counseling Service
Credit Reporting Agency
Credit Union
Cremation Service
Creole Restaurant
Cricket Club
Cricket Ground
Cricket Shop
Crime Victim Service
Criminal Justice Attorney
Croatian Restaurant
Crop Grower
Croquet Club
Cruise Agency
Cruise Line Company
Cruise Terminal
Crushed Stone Supplier
Cuban Restaurant
Culinary School
Cultural Association
Cultural Center
Cupcake Shop
Cured Ham Bar
Cured Ham Store
Cured Ham Warehouse
Curling Club
Curling Hall
Currency Exchange Service
Curtain and Upholstery Cleaning Service
Curtain Store
Curtain Supplier and Maker
Custom Confiscated Goods Store
Custom Home Builder
Custom Label Printer
Custom T-shirt Store
Custom Tailor
Customs Broker
Customs Consultant
Customs Department
Customs Office
Customs Warehouse
Cutlery Store
Cycling Park
Czech Restaurant
Dairy Farm
Dairy Farm Equipment Supplier
Dairy Store
Dairy Supplier
Dan Dan Noodle Restaurant
Dance Club
Dance Company
Dance Conservatory
Dance Hall
Dance Pavillion
Dance Restaurant
Dance School
Dance Store
Danish Restaurant
Dart Bar
Dart Supply Store
Data Entry Service
Data Recovery Service
Database Management Company
Dating Service
Day Care Center
Day Spa
Deaf Church
Deaf School
Deaf Service
Debris Removal Service
Debt Collecting
Debt Collection Agency
Decal Supplier
Deck Builder
Delivery Chinese Restaurant
Delivery Service
Demolition Contractor
Jeans Shop
Dental Clinic
Dental Hygienist
Dental Implants Periodontist
Dental Insurance Agency
Dental Laboratory


Dental Radiology
Dental School
Dental Supply Store
Denture Care Center
Department for Regional Development
Department of Education
Department of Finance
Department of Housing
Department of Motor Vehicles
Department of Public Safety
Department of Social Services
Department of Transportation
Department Store
Dept of City Treasure
Dept of State Treasure
Desalination Plant
Design Agency
Design Engineer
Design Institute
Desktop Publishing Service
Sweets and Dessert Buffet
Dessert Restaurant
Dessert Shop
Detention Center
Diabetes Center
Diabetes Equipment Supplier
Diagnostic Center
Dialysis Center
Diamond Buyer
Diamond Dealer
Diaper Service
Diesel Engine Dealer
Diesel Engine Repair Service
Diesel Fuel Supplier
Digital Printer
Digital Printing Service
Dim Sum Restaurant
Dinner Theater
Direct Mail Advertising
Dirt Supplier
Disability Equipment Supplier
Disability Services & Support Organisation
Disabled Sports Center
Disc Golf Course
Disciples of Christ Church
Disco Club
Discount Store
Discount Supermarket
Display Home Centre
Display Stand Manufacturer
Disposable Tableware Supplier
Distance Learning Center
Distribution Service
District Attorney
District Council
District Government Office
District Justice
District Office
Dive Club
Dive Shop
Diving Center
Diving Contractor
Divorce Lawyer
Divorce Service
DJ Service
DJ Supply Store
Do-it-Yourself Shop
Dock Builder
Dodge Dealer
Dog Breeder
Dog Cafe
Dog Day Care Center
Dog Hostel
Dog Park
Dog Sitter
Dog Trainer
Dog Walker
Dogsled Ride Service
Dojo Restaurant
Doll Restoration Service
Doll Store
Dollar Store
Domestic Abuse Treatment Center
Domestic Airport
Dominican Restaurant
Donations Center
Donut Shop
Door Manufacturer
Door Shop
Door Supplier
Door Warehouse
Double Glazing Installer
Down Home Cooking Restaurant
Drafting Equipment Supplier
Drafting Service
Drainage Service
Drama School
Drama Theater
Drawing Lessons
Dress and Tuxedo Rental Service
Dress Store
Dried Flower Shop
Dried Seafood Store
Drilling Contractor
Drilling Equipment Supplier
Drinking-Water Fountain
Drive-in Movie Theater
Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency
Driver’s License Office
Drivers License Training School
Driveshaft Shop
Driving School
Driving Test Centre
Drug Addiction Treatment Center
Drug Testing Service
Drug Store
Drum School
Drum Store
Dry Cleaner
Dry Fruit Store
Dry Ice Supplier
Dry Wall Contractor
Dry Wall Supply Store
Ducati Dealer
Dude Ranch
Dump Truck Dealer
Dump Truck Service
Dumpling Restaurant
Dutch Restaurant
Duty-Free Store
DVD Store
Dye Store
Dynamometer Supplier
E-Commerce Agency
E-commerce Service
Ear Piercing Service
EarthWorks Company
East African Restaurant
Eastern European Restaurant
Eastern Orthodox Church
Eating Disorder Treatment Center
Eclectic Restaurant
Ecological Park
Ecologists Association
Economic Consultant
Economic Development Agency
Ecuadorian Restaurant
Education Center
Educational Consultant
Educational Institution
Educational Supply Store
Educational Testing Service
Eftpos Equipment Supplier
Egg Supplier
Egyptian Restaurant
Elder Law Attorney
Electric Motor Repair Shop
Electric Motor Store
Electric Utility Company
Electric Utility Manufacturer
Electric Vehicle Charging Station
Electrical Appliance Wholesaler
Electrical Engineer
Electrical Equipment Supplier
Electrical Installation Service
Electrical Repair Shop
Electrical Substation
Electrical Supply Store
Electrical Wholesaler
Electrolysis Hair Removal Service
Electronic Engineer
Electronic Parts Supplier
Electronics Accessories Wholesaler
Electronics Company
Electronics Engineer
Electronics Exporter
Electronics Hire Shop
Electronics Manufacturer
Electronics Repair Shop
Electronics Store
Electronics Vending Machine
Electronics Wholesaler
Elementary School
Elevator Manufacturer
Elevator Service
Embossing Service
Embroidery Service
Embroidery Shop
Emergency Call Booth
Emergency Care Physician
Emergency Care Service
Emergency Dental Service
Emergency Locksmith Service
Emergency Management Ministry
Emergency Room
Emergency Training
Emergency Training School
Emergency Veterinarian Service
Employment Agency
Employment Attorney
Employment Center
Employment Consultant
Employment Search Service
Energy Equipment and Solutions
Energy Supplier
Engine Rebuilding Service
Engineering Consultant
Engineering School
English Language Camp
English Language Instructor
English Language School
English Restaurant
Entertainment Agency
Envelope Supplier
Environment Office
Environment Renewable Natural Resources
Environmental Consultant
Environmental Engineer
Environmental Health Service
Environmental Organization
Environmental Protection Organization
Episcopal Church
Equestrian Club
Equestrian Facility
Equestrian Resort
Equestrian Store
Equipment Exporter
Equipment Importer
Equipment Rental Agency
Equipment Supplier
Eritrean Restaurant
Erotic Massage
Escrow Service
Espresso Bar
Estate Appraiser
Estate Liquidator
Estate Planning Attorney
Ethiopian Restaurant
Ethnic Restaurant
Ethnographic Museum
European Institution
European Restaurant
Evangelical Church
Evening Dress Rental Service
Evening School
Event Management Company
Event Planner
Event Technology Service
Event Ticket Seller
Event Venue
Excavating Contractor
Executive Search Firm
Executive Suite Rental Agency
Exhibition and Trade Centre
Exhibition Planner
Extended Stay Hotel
Eye Care Center
Fabric Product Manufacturer
Fabric Store
Fabric Wholesaler
Fabrication Engineer
Facial Spa
Factory Equipment Supplier
Faculty of Arts
Faculty of Law
Faculty of Pharmacy
Faculty of Psychology
Faculty of Science
Faculty of Sports
Fair Trade Organization
Falafel Restaurant
Family Counselor
Family Day Care Service
Family Hotel
Family Law Attorney
Family Planning Center
Family Planning Counselor
Family Practice Physician
Family Restaurant
Family Service Center
Farm Bureau
Farm Equipment Repair Service
Farm Equipment Supplier
Farm Household Tour
Farm School
Farm Shop
Farmers’ Market
Fashion Accessories Store
Fashion Design School
Fashion Designer
Fast Food Restaurant
Fastener Supplier
Fax Service
Federal Agency for Technical Relief
Federal Credit Union
Federal Government Office
Federal Police
Federal Reserve Bank
Feed Manufacturer
Animal Feed Store
Felt Boots Store
Fence Contractor
Fence Supply Store
Fencing Salon
Fencing School
Feng Shui Consultant
Feng Shui Shop
Ferris wheel
Ferry Service
Fertility Clinic
Fertility Physician
Fertilizer Supplier
Festival Hall
Fiat dealer
Fiber Optic Products Supplier
Fiberglass Repair Service
Fiberglass Supplier
Figurine Shop
Filipino Restaurant
Film and Photograph Library
Film Production Company
Filtration Plant
Finance Broker
Financial Audit
Financial Consultant
Financial Institution
Financial Planner
Fine Dining Restaurant
Fingerprinting Service
Finishing Materials Supplier
Finnish Restaurant
Fire Alarm Supplier
Fire Damage Restoration Service
Fire Department Equipment Supplier
Fire Fighters Academy
Fire Protection Consultant
Fire Protection Equipment Supplier
Fire Protection Service
Fire Protection System Supplier
Fire Station
Firearms Academy
Fireplace Manufacturer
Fireplace Store
Firewood Supplier
Fireworks Store
Fireworks Supplier
First Aid Station
Fish & Chips Restaurant
Fish and Chips Takeaway
Fish Farm
Fish Processing
Fish Spa
Fish Store
Fishing Camp
Fishing Charter
Fishing Club
Fishing Pier
Fishing Pond
Fishing Store
Health Club
Exercise Equipment Store
Fitness Equipment Wholesaler
Fitted Furniture Supplier
Flag Store
Flamenco Dance Store
Flamenco School
Flamenco Theater
Flavours Fragrances and Aroma Supplier
Flea Market
Flight School
Floating Market
Floor Refinishing Service
Floor Sanding and Polishing Service
Flooring Contractor
Flooring Store
Floridian Restaurant
Flour Mill
Flower Delivery
Flower Designer
Flower Market
FMCG Goods Wholesaler
FMCG Manufacturer
Foam Rubber Producer
Foam Rubber Supplier
Folk High School
Fondue Restaurant
Food and Beverage Consultant
Food and Beverage Exporter
Food Bank
Food Broker
Food Court
Food Machinery Supplier
Food Manufacturer
Food Manufacturing Supply
Food Processing Company
Food Processing Equipment
Food Producer
Food Products Supplier
Food Seasoning Manufacturer
Foot Bath
Foot Care
Foot Massage Parlor
Football Club
American Football Field
Ford Dealer
Foreclosure Service
Foreign Consulate
Foreign Exchange Students Organization
Foreign Languages Program School
Foreign Trade Consultant
Foreman Builders Association
Forensic Consultant
Forestry Service
Forklift Dealer
Forklift Rental Service
Formal Wear Store
Fortune Telling Services
Foster Care Service
Fountain Contractor
Foursquare Church
Fraternal Organization
Free Clinic
Free Parking Lot
Freestyle Wrestling
Freight Forwarding Service
French Language School
French Restaurant
French Steakhouse Restaurant
Fresh Food Market
Fried Chicken Takeaway
Friends Church
Frozen Dessert Supplier
Frozen Food Manufacturer
Frozen Food Store
Frozen Yogurt Shop
Fruit and Vegetable Processing
Fruit and Vegetable Store
Fruit and Vegetable Wholesaler
Fruit Parlor
Fruit Wholesaler
Fruits Wholesaler
Fu Jian Restaurant
Fuel Supplier
Fugu Restaurant
Full Dress Rental Service
Full Gospel Church
Function Room Facility
Fund Management Company
Funeral Director
Funeral Home
Fur Coat Shop
Fur Manufacturer
Fur Service
Furnace Parts Supplier
Furnace Repair Service
Furnace Store
Furnished Apartment Building
Furniture Accessories
Furniture Accessories Supplier
Furniture Maker
Furniture Manufacturer
Furniture Rental Service
Furniture Repair Shop
Furniture Store
Furniture Wholesaler
Fusion Restaurant
Futon Store
Futsal Court
Galician Restaurant
Gambling House
Gambling Instructor
Game Store
Garage Builder
Garage Door Supplier
Garbage Collection Service
Garbage Dump
Garbage Dump Service
Garden Building Supplier
Garden Center
Garden Furniture Shop
Garden Machinery Supplier
Garment Exporter
Gas Company
Gas Cylinders Supplier
Gas Engineer
Gas Installation Service
Gas Logs Supplier
Gas Shop
Gas Station
Gasket Manufacturer
Gastrointestinal Surgeon
Gay & Lesbian Organization
Gay Bar
Gay Night Club
Gay Sauna
Gazebo Builder
General Contractor
General Hospital
General Practice Attorney
General Practitioner
General Register Office
General Store
Generator Shop
Geography and History Faculty
Geological Research Company
Geological Service
Georgian Restaurant
Geotechnical Engineer
German Language School
German Restaurant
Ghost Town
Gift Basket Store
Gift Shop
Gift Wrap Store
Girl Bar
Girls’ High School
Glass & Mirror Shop
Glass Block Supplier
Glass Blower
Glass Cutting Service
Glass Engraver
Glass Etching Service
Glass Industry
Glass Manufacturer
Glass Merchant
Glass Repair Service
Glass Shop
Glassware Manufacturer
Glassware Store
Glassware Wholesaler
Gluten-Free Restaurant
GMC Dealer
Go-Kart Track
Gold Dealer
Gold Mining Company
Goldfish Store
Golf Cart Dealer
Golf Club
Golf Course
Golf Course Builder
Golf Driving Range
Golf Instructor
Golf Resort
Gospel Church
Gourmet Grocery Store
Government College
Government Economic Program
Government Hospital
Government Office
Government School
GPS Supplier
Graduate School
Graffiti Removal Service
Grain Elevator
Grammar School
Grand Cafe
Grande Ecole
Granite Supplier
Graphic Designer
Gravel Pit
Gravel Plant
Greco Roman Wrestling
Greek Orthodox Church
Greek Restaurant
Green Energy Supplier
Greeting Card Shop
Greyhound Stadium
Grill Store
Grocery Delivery Service
Grocery Store
Ground Self Defense Force
Group Accommodation
Group Home
Guardia Civil
Guardia Di Finanza Police
Guatemalan Restaurant
Guest House
Gui Zhou Restaurant
Guitar Instructor
Guitar Store
Gun Club
Gun Shop
Offal Barbecue Restaurant
Gutter Cleaning Service
Gymnasium Cz
Gymnasium School
Gymnastics Center
Gymnastics Club
Gypsum Product Supplier
Gyro Restaurant
Hair Extension Technician
Hair Extensions Supplier
Hair Removal Service
Hair Replacement Service
Hair Salon
Hair Transplantation Clinic
Haitian Restaurant
Hakka Restaurant
Halal Restaurant
Halfway House
Ham Shop
Hamburger Restaurant
Hand Surgeon
Handbags Shop
Handball Club
Handball Court
Handicapped Transportation Service
Handicraft Exporter
Handicraft Fair
Handicraft Museum
Handicraft School
Handicrafts Wholesaler
Hang Gliding Center
Hardware Store
Hardware Training Institute
Harley-Davidson Dealer
Hat Shop
Haunted House
Haute Couture Fashion House
Haute French Restaurant
Hawaiian Goods Store
Hawaiian Restaurant
Hawker Centre
Hawker Stall
Hay Supplier
Head Start Center
Health and Beauty Shop
Health Consultant
Health Food Restaurant
Health Food Store
Health Insurance Agency
Health Resort
Health Spa
Hearing Aid Repair Service
Hearing Aid Store
Heart Hospital
Heating Contractor
Heating Equipment Supplier
Heating Oil Supplier
Height Works
Helicopter Charter
Helicopter Tour Agency
Helium Gas Supplier
Herb Shop
Herbal Medicine Store
Heritage Building
Heritage Museum
Heritage Preservation
High Ropes Course
High School
Higher Secondary School
Highway Patrol
Hiking Area
Hindu Priest
Hindu Temple
Hip Hop Dance Class
Hispanic Church
Historical Landmark
Historical Place Museum
Historical Society
History Museum
HIV Testing Center
Hoagie Restaurant
Hobby Store
Hockey Club
Hockey Field
Hockey Rink
Hockey Supply Store
Holding Company
Holiday Accommodation Service
Holiday Apartment Rental
Holiday Home
Holiday Park
Holistic Medicine Practitioner
Home Automation Company
Home Builder
Home Cinema Installation
Home Goods Store
Home Hairdresser
Home Health Care Service
Home Help
Home Help Service Agency
Home Improvement Store
Home Inspector
Home Insurance Agency
Home Theater Store
Homekill Service
Homeless Service
Homeless Shelter
Homeopathic Pharmacy
Homeowners’ Association
Honda Dealer
Honduran Restaurant
Honey Farm
Hong Kong Style Fast Food Restaurant
Hookah Bar
Hookah Store
Horse Boarding Stable
Horse Breeder
Horse Rental Service
Horse Riding Field
Horse Riding School
Horse Trailer Dealer
Horse Trainer
Horseback Riding Service
Horse Transport Supplier
Horseshoe Smith
Horsestable Studfarm
Hose Supplier
Hospital Equipment and Supplies
Hospital Department
Hospitality and Tourism School
Hospitality High School
Host Club
Hot Bedstone Spa
Hot Dog Restaurant
Hot Dog Stand
Hot Pot Restaurant
Hot Spring Hotel
Hot Tub Repair Service
Hot Tub Store
Hot Water System Supplier
Hotel Management School
Hotel Supply Store
House Cleaning Service
House Clearance Service
House Sitter
House Sitter Agency
Houseboat Rental Service
Household Chemicals Supplier
Household Goods Wholesaler
Housing Association
Housing Authority
Housing Complex
Housing Cooperative
Housing Development
Housing Society
Housing Utility Company
Hua Gong Shop
Hua Hui Market Place
Hua Niao Market Place
Hub Cap Supplier
Human Resource Consulting
Hunan Restaurant
Hungarian Restaurant
Hunting and Fishing Store
Hunting Area
Hunting Club
Hunting Preserve
Hunting Store
HVAC Contractor
Hydraulic Engineer
Hydraulic Equipment Supplier
Hydraulic Repair Service
Hydroelectric Power Plant
Hydroponics Equipment Supplier
Hygiene Articles Wholesaler
Hygiene Station
Hypnotherapy Service
Hyundai Dealer
Ice Cream Equipment Supplier
Ice Cream Shop
Ice Hockey Club
Ice Skating Club
Ice Skating Instructor
Ice Skating Rink
Ice Supplier
Icelandic Restaurant
Icse School
Idol Manufacturer
Image Consultant
Imax Theater
Immigration & Naturalization Service
Immigration Attorney
Immigration Detention Centre
Impermeabilization Service
Import Export Company
Incense Supplier
Incineration Plant
Income Protection Insurance
Income Tax Help Association
Indian Grocery Store
Indian Muslim Restaurant
Indian Restaurant
Indonesian Restaurant
Indoor Cycling
Indoor Golf Course
Indoor Lodging
Indoor Playground
Indoor Snowcenter
Indoor Swimming Pool
Industrial Area
Industrial Chemicals Wholesaler
Industrial Consultant
Industrial Design Company
Industrial Door Supplier
Industrial Engineer
Industrial Engineers Association
Industrial Equipment Supplier
Industrial Framework Supplier
Industrial Gas Supplier
Industrial Real Estate Agency
Industrial Supermarket
Industrial Technical Engineers Association
Industrial Vacuum Equipment Supplier
Infectious Disease Physician
Infiniti Dealer
Information Bureau
Information Services
Insolvency Service
Institute of Geography and Statistics
Instrumentation Engineer
Insulation Contractor
Insulation Materials Store
Insulator Supplier
Insurance Agency
Insurance Attorney
Insurance Broker
Insurance Company
Insurance School
Intellectual Property Registry
Interior Architect Office
Interior Construction Contractor
Interior Designer
Interior Door
Interior Fitting Contractor
Interior Plant Service
Internal Medicine Ward
International Airport
International School
International Trade Consultant
Internet Cafe
Internet Marketing Service
Internet Service Provider
Internet Shop
Investment Bank
Investment Company
Investment Service
Invitation Printing Service
Irish Goods Store
Irish Pub
Irish Restaurant
Iron Steel Contractor
Iron Ware Dealer
Iron Works
Irrigation Equipment Supplier
Israeli Restaurant
Isuzu Dealer
Italian Grocery Store
Italian Restaurant
Institute of Technology
Jaguar Dealer
Jain Temple
Jamaican Restaurant
Janitorial Equipment Supplier
Janitorial Service
Authentic Japanese Restaurant
Japanese Cheap Sweets Shop
Japanese Confectionary Shop
Japanese Curry Restaurant
Japanese Delicatessen
Japanese Grocery Store
Ryotei Restaurant
Japanese Hot Pot Restaurant
Japanese Inn With Hot Spring
Japanese Inns
Izakaya Restaurant
Japanese Language Instructor
Japanese Regional Restaurant
Japanese Restaurant
Japanese Steakhouse
Japanese Sweets Restaurant
Japanized Western Restaurant
Jazz Club
Jeep Dealer
Jehovah’s Witness Kingdom Hall
Jewelry Appraiser
Jewelry Buyer
Jewelry Designer
Jewelry Engraver
Jewelry Equipment Supplier
Jewelry Exporter
Jewellery Manufacturer
Jewelry Repair Service
Jewelry Store
Jewish Restaurant
Jiang Su Restaurant
Judicial Auction
Judicial Scrivener
Judo Club
Judo School
Juice Shop
Jujitsu School
Junior College
Junk Dealer
Junk Store
Justice Department
Jute Exporter
Jute Mill
Juvenile Detention Center
Kabaddi Club
Kaiseki Restaurant
Karaoke Bar
Karaoke Equipment Rental Service
Karate Club
Karate School
Kashmiri Restaurant
Kawasaki Motorcycle Dealer
Kazakhstani Restaurant
Kebab Shop
Kerosene Supplier


Key Duplication Service
Kia Dealer
Kickboxing School
Kilt Shop and Hire
Kimono Store
Kitchen Furniture Store
Kitchen Remodeler
Kitchen Supply Store
Kite Shop
Knife Manufacturing
Knife Store
Knit Shop
Knitting Instructor
Knitwear Manufacturer
Korean Barbecue Restaurant
Korean Beef Restaurant
Korean Church
Korean Grocery Store
Korean Restaurant
Korean Rib Restaurant
Kosher Grocery Store
Kosher Restaurant
Kung Fu School
Kushiyaki Restaurant
Kyoto Style Japanese Restaurant
Labor Relations Attorney
Labor Union
Laboratory Equipment Supplier
Labour Club
Ladder Supplier
Laminating Equipment Supplier
Lamination Service
Lamp Repair Service
Lamp Shade Supplier
Land Allotment
Land Planning Authority
Land Reform Institute
Land Rover Dealer
Land Surveying Office
Land Surveyor
Landscape Architect
Landscape Designer
Landscape Lighting Designer
Landscaping Supply Store
Language School
Laotian Restaurant
Laser Cutting Service
Laser Equipment Supplier
Laser Hair Removal Service
Laser Tag Center
LASIK Surgeon
Latin American Restaurant
Laundry Service
Law Book Store
Law Firm
Law Library
Law School
Lawn Bowls Club
Lawn Care Service
Lawn Equipment Rental Service
Lawn Irrigation Equipment Supplier
Lawn Mower Repair Service
Lawn Mower Store
Lawn Sprinkler System Contractor
Lawyers Association
Leagues Club
Learner Driver Training Area
Learning Center
Leasing Service
Leather Cleaning Service
Leather Coats Store
Leather Exporter
Leather Goods Manufacturer
Leather Goods Store
Leather Goods Supplier
Leather Goods Wholesaler
Leather Repair Service
Leather Wholesaler
Lebanese Restaurant
Legal Affairs Bureau
Legal Aid Office
Legal Services
Leisure Centre
Lexus Dealer
License Bureau
License Plate Frames Supplier
Life Coach
Life Insurance Agency
Light Bulb Supplier
Lighting Consultant
Lighting Contractor
Lighting Manufacturer
Lighting Store
Lighting Wholesaler
Limousine Service
Lincoln Mercury Dealer
Line Marking Service
Linens Store
Lingerie Manufacturer
Lingerie Store
Lingerie Wholesaler
Linoleum Store
Lion Dance Troupe
Liquor Store
Liquor Wholesaler
Literacy Program
Lithuanian Restaurant
Little League Club
Little League Field
Live Music Bar
Live Music Venue
Livery Company
Livestock Auction House
Livestock Breeder
Livestock Dealer
Livestock Producer
Loan Agency
Lobster Restaurant
Local Government Office
Local History Museum
Local Medical Services
Locks Supplier
Log Cabins
Log Home Builder
Logging Contractor
Logistics Service
Loss Adjuster
Lost Property Office
Lottery Retailer
Lottery Shop
Love Hotel
Low Emission Zone
Low Income Housing Program
LPG Conversion
Luggage Repair Service
Luggage Store
Luggage Wholesaler
Lumber Store
Lunch Restaurant
Lutheran Church
Luxury Hotel
Lymph Drainage Therapist
Machine Construction
Machine Knife Supplier
Machine Maintenance
Machine Repair Service
Machine Shop
Machine Workshop
Machinery Parts Manufacturer
Machining Manufacturer
Macrobiotic Restaurant
Madrilian Restaurant
Magazine Publisher
Magazine Store
Magic Store
Mah Jong House
Mailbox Rental Service
Mailbox Supplier
Mailing Machine Supplier
Mailing Service
Main Customs Office
Make-up Artist
Malaysian Restaurant
Male Hospital
Maltese Restaurant
Mammography Service
Management School
Mandarin Restaurant
Manor House
Manufactured Home Transporter
Maori Organization
Map Store
Mapping Service
Marble Contractor
Marble Supplier
Marche Restaurant
Marine Engineer
Marine Self Defense Force
Marine Supply Store
Marine Surveyor
Maritime Museum
Market Operator
Market Researcher
Marketing Agency
Marketing Consultant
Markmens Clubhouse
Marquee Hire Service
Marriage Celebrant
Marriage Counselor
Marriage License Bureau
Martial Arts Club
Martial Arts School
Martial Arts Supply Store
Masonic Center
Masonry Contractor
Masonry Supply Store
Massage School
Massage Spa
Massage Supply Store
Massage Therapist
Match Box Manufacturer
Material Handling Equipment Supplier
Maternity Hospital
Maternity Store
Mathematics School
Mattress Store
Mausoleum Builder
Mazda Dealer
Meal Delivery
Meal Takeaway
Measuring Instruments Supplier
Meat Packer
Meat Processor
Meat Products
Meat Dish Restaurant
Meat Wholesaler
Mechanical Contractor
Mechanical Engineer
Mechanical Plant
Media and Information Sciences Faculty
Media Company
Media Consultant
Media House
Mediation Service
Medical Billing Service
Medical Book Store
Medical Center
Medical Certificate Service
Medical Clinic
Medical Diagnostic Imaging Center
Medical Equipment Manufacturer
Medical Equipment Supplier
Medical Examiner
Medical Group
Medical Laboratory
Medical Office
Medical School
Medical Spa
Medical Supply Store
Medical Technology Manufacturer
Medical Transcription Service
Medicine Exporter
Meditation Center
Meditation Instructor
Mediterranean Restaurant
Meeting Planning Service
Mehandi Class
Mehndi Designer
Memorial Estate
Memorial Park
Mennonite Church
Men’s Clothing Store
Mens Tailor
Mental Health Clinic
Mental Health Service
Mercantile Development
Mercedes Benz Dealer
Messianic Synagogue
Metal Construction Company
Metal Detecting Equipment Supplier
Metal Fabricator
Metal Finisher
Metal Heat Treating Service
Metal Industry Suppliers
Metal Machinery Supplier
Metal Polishing Service
Metal Processing Company
Metal Stamping Service
Metal Supplier
Metal Working Shop
Metal Workshop
Metallurgy Company
Metalware Dealer
Metalware Producer
Metaphysical Supply Store
Methodist Church
Metropolitan Train Company
Mexican Goods Store
Mexican Grocery Store
Mexican Restaurant
Microwave Oven Repair Service
Mid-Atlantic Restaurant (US)
Middle Eastern Restaurant
Middle School
Militar Archive
Militar Residence
Military Barracks
Military Base
Military Board
Military Cemetery
Military Hospital
Military Recruiting Office
Military School
Military Town
Milk Delivery Service
Millwork Shop
Mineral Water Company
Mineral Water Wholesale
Miniature Golf Course
Miniatures Store
Minibus Taxi Service
Mining Company
Mining Consultant
Mining Engineer
Mining Equipment
Ministry of Education
Mirror Shop
Miso Cutlet Restaurant
Missing Persons Organization
Mitsubishi Dealer
Mobile Caterer
Mobile Disco
Mobile Hairdresser
Mobile Home Dealer
Mobile Home Park
Mobile Home Rental Agency
Mobile Home Supply Store
Mobile Money Agent
Mobile Network Operator
Mobile Phone Repair Shop
Mobility Equipment Supplier
Model Car Play Area
Model Design Company
Model Portfolio Studio
Model Train Store
Modeling Agency
Modeling School
Modern Art Museum
Modern British Restaurant
Modern European Restaurant
Modern French Restaurant
Modular Home Builder
Modular Home Dealer
Mold Maker
Molding Supplier
Money Order Service
Money Transfer Service
Mongolian Barbecue Restaurant
Monjayaki Restaurant
Monogramming Service
Montessori School
Monument Maker
Moped Dealer
Moravian Church
Modern Izakaya Restaurants
Moroccan Restaurant
Mortgage Broker
Mortgage Lender
Motor Scooter Dealer
Motor Scooter Repair Shop
Motor Vehicle Dealer
Motorcycle Dealer
Motorcycle Driving School
Motorcycle Insurance Agency
Motorcycle Parts Store
Motorcycle Rental Agency
Motorcycle Repair Shop
Motorcycle Shop
Motoring Club
Motorsports Store
Mountain Cable Car
Mountain Cabin
Mountaineering Class
Movie Rental Kiosk
Movie Rental Store
Movie Studio
Movie Theater
Moving and Storage Service
Moving Company
Moving Supply Store
MRI Center
Muay Thai Boxing Gym
Muffler Shop
Mulch Supplier
Multimedia and Electronic Book Publisher
Municipal Administration Office
Municipal Corporation
Municipal Department Agricultural Development
Municipal Department Agriculture Food Supply
Municipal Department Civil Defense
Municipal Department Communication
Municipal Department Finance
Municipal Department Housing and Urban Development
Municipal Department of Culture
Municipal Department of Sports
Municipal Department of Tourism
Municipal Department Science Technology
Municipal Department Social Defense
Municipal Guard
Municipal Health Department
Municipal Office Education
Municipal Social Development
Museum of Space History
Museum of Zoology
Music Box Store
Music College
Music Conservatory
Music Instructor
Music Management and Promotion
Music Producer
Music Publisher
Music School
Music Store
Musical Club
Musical Instrument Manufacturer
Musical Instrument Rental Service
Musical Instrument Repair Shop
Musical Instrument Store
Musician and Composer
Mutton Barbecue Restaurant
Nail Salon
Nanotechnology Engineer
National Forest
National Health Foundation
National Library
National Museum
National Park
National Reserve
Native American Goods Store
Native American Restaurant
Natural Foods Store
Natural Gas Supplier
Natural History Museum
Natural Stone Exporter
Natural Stone Supplier
Natural Stone Wholesaler
Nature Preserve
Naturopathic Practitioner
Naval Base
Navarraise Restaurant
Neapolitan Restaurant
Needlework Shop
Neon Sign Shop
Neonatal Physician
Nepalese Restaurant
Netball Club
New Age Church
New England Restaurant
New American Restaurant
New Years Tree Market
New Zealand Restaurant
News Service
Newspaper Advertising Department
Newspaper Distribution
Newspaper Publisher
Nicaraguan Restaurant
Night Club
Night Market
Nissan Dealer
Non-Denominational Church
Non-Governmental Organization
Non-Profit Organization
Non Smoking Holiday Home
Noodle Shop
North African Restaurant
Northern Italian Restaurant
Norwegian Restaurant
Notaries Association
Notary Public
Notions Store
Novelties Wholesaler
Novelty Store
Nuclear Engineer
Nuclear Power Company
Nuclear Power Plant
Nudist Club
Nudist Park
Nuevo Latino Restaurant
Nursery School
Nursing Agency
Nursing Association
Nursing Home
Nursing School
Nut Store
Nyonya Restaurant
Obanzai Restaurant
Observation Deck
Women’s Health Clinic
Occupational Health Service
Occupational Medical Physician
Occupational Safety and Health
Occupational Therapist
Oden Restaurant
Off-road Race Track
Off Roading Area
Off Track Betting Shop
Offal Pot Cooking Restaurant
Office Accessories Wholesaler
Office Equipment Rental Service
Office Equipment Repair Service
Office Equipment Supplier
Office Furniture Store
Office of Vital Records
Office Refurbishment Service
Office Space Rental Agency
Office Supply Store
Office Supply Wholesaler
Oil and Gas Exploration Service
Oil Change Service
Oil & Natural Gas Company
Oil Field Equipment Supplier
Oil Refinery
Oil Store
Oil Wholesaler
Okonomiyaki Restaurant
Oldsmobile Dealer
Olive Oil Bottling Company
Olive Oil Cooperative
Olive Oil Manufacturer
Opel dealer
Open Air Museum
Open University
Opera Company
Opera House
Ophthalmology Clinic
Optical Products Manufacturer
Optical Wholesaler
Oral Surgeon
Orchid Farm
Orchid Grower
Organ Donation and Tissue Bank
Organic Drug Store
Organic Farm
Organic Food Store
Organic Restaurant
Organic Shop
Oriental Art Museum
Oriental Goods Store
Oriental Medicine Clinic
Oriental Medicine Store
Oriental Rug Store
Orphan Asylum
Orthodox Church
Orthodox Synagogue
Orthopedic Clinic
Orthopedic Shoe Store
Orthopedic Surgeon
Orthotics & Prosthetics Service
Otolaryngology Clinic
Otolaryngology Hospital
Outboard Motor Store
Outdoor Activity Organiser
Outdoor Bath
Outdoor Clothing and Equipment Shop
Outdoor Equestrian Facility
Outdoor Furniture Store
Outdoor movie theater
Outdoor Sports Store
Outdoor Swimming Pool
Outerwear Store
Outlet Mall
Outlet Store
Oxygen Cocktail Spot
Oxygen Equipment Supplier
Oyster Bar Restaurant
Oyster Supplier
Pachinko Parlor
Pacific Rim Restaurant
Packaging Company
Packaging Machinery
Packaging Supply Store
Padel Club
Padel Court
Pain Control Clinic
Pain Management Physician
Paint Manufacturer
Paint Store
Paint Stripping Company
Paintball Center
Paintball Store
Painting Lessons
Painting Studio
Paintings Store
Pakistani Restaurant
Pallet Supplier
Pan-Asian Restaurant
Pan-Latin Restaurant
Pancake Restaurant
Paper Bag Supplier
Paper Distributor
Paper Exporter
Paper Mill
Paper Shredding Machine Supplier
Paper Store
Paraguayan Restaurant
Paralegal Services Provider
Parasailing Ride Service
Park & Ride
Parking Garage
Parking Lot
Parking Lot for Bicycles
Parking Lot for Motorcycles
Parkour Spot
Parochial School
Parsi Temple
Part Time Daycare
Party Equipment Rental Service
Party Planner
Party Store
Passport Agent
Passport Office
Passport Photo Processor
Pasta Shop
Pastry Shop
Patent Attorney
Patent Office
Paternity Testing Service
Patients Support Association
Patio Enclosure Supplier
Paving Contractor
Paving Materials Supplier
Pawn Shop
Payroll Service
Public Call Office Booth
Pedestrian Zone
Pediatric Cardiologist
Pediatric Dentist
Pediatric Ophthalmologist
Pen Store
Pennsylvania Dutch Restaurant
Pension Office
Pentecostal Church
People S House
Performing Arts Group
Performing Arts Theater
Perfume Store
Perinatal Center
Permanent Make-up Clinic
Persian Restaurant
Personal Injury Attorney
Personal Trainer
Peruvian Restaurant
Pest Control Service
Pet Adoption Service
Pet Boarding Service
Pet Cemetery
Pet Friendly Accommodation
Pet Funeral Service
Pet Groomer
Pet Moving Service
Pet Sitter
Pet Store
Pet Supply Store
Pet Trainer
Petrochemical Engineer
Petroleum Products Company
Pharmaceutical Company
Pharmaceutical Lab
Pharmaceutical Products Wholesaler
Philharmonic Hall
Pho Restaurant
Phone Repair Service
Photo Agency
Photo Lab
Photo Restoration Service
Photo Shop
Photocopiers Supplier
Photography Class
Photography School
Photography Service
Photography Studio
Physical Examination Center
Physical Fitness Program
Physician Referral Service
Physical Therapist
Physical Therapy Clinic
Physiotherapy Equip Supplier
Piano Bar
Piano Instructor
Piano Maker
Piano Moving Service
Piano Repair Service
Piano Store
Piano Tuning Service
Pick Your Own Farm Produce
Picnic Ground
Picture Frame Renovating and Restoring Service
Picture Frame Shop
Pie Shop
Pilates Studio
Pile Driver
Pilgrimage Place
Pinatas Supplier
Pinball Machine Supplier
Pine Furniture Shop
Pipe Supplier
Piste Vtt
Pizza Delivery
Pizza Restaurant
Pizza Takeaway
Place of Worship
Plant and Machinery Hire
Plant Nursery
Plast Window Store
Plastic Bag Supplier
Plastic Bags Wholesaler
Plastic Fabrication Company
Plastic Injection Molding Service
Plastic Products Supplier
Plastic Resin Manufacturer
Plastic Surgeon
Plastic Surgery Clinic
Plastic Wholesaler
Plating Service
Play School
Playground Equipment Supplier
Plumbing Supply Store
Plus Size Clothing Store
Plywood Supplier
Pneumatic Tools Supplier
Po’ Boys Restaurant
Police Academy
Police Supply Store
Polish Restaurant
Political Party
Polo Club
Polygraph Service
Polymer Supplier
Polynesian Restaurant
Polythene and Plastic Sheeting Supplier
Pond Contractor
Pond Fish Supplier
Pond Supply Store
Pontiac Dealer
Pony Club
Pony Ride Service
Pool Academy
Pool Billard Club
Pool Cleaning Service
Pool Hall
Popcorn Store
Katsudon Restaurant
Porridge Restaurant
Porsche Dealer
Port Authority
Port Operating Company
Portable Building Manufacturer
Portable Toilet Supplier
Portrait Studio
Portuguese Restaurant
Post Office
Poster Store
Pottery Classes
Pottery Manufacturer
Pottery Store
Poultry Farm
Poultry Store
Powder Coating Service
Power Station
Power Plant Consultant
Power Plant Equipment Supplier
Prawn Fishing
Pre Gymnasium School
Precision Engineer
Prefabricated House Companies
Japanese Prefecture Government Office
Pregnancy Care Center
Preparatory School
Presbyterian Church
Press Advisory
Pressure Washing Service
Pretzel Store
Primary School
Print Shop
Printed Music Publisher
Printer Ink Refill Store
Printer Repair Service
Printing Equipment and Supplies
Printing Equipment Supplier
Private College
Private Equity Firm
Private Golf Course
Private Hospital
Private Investigator
Private School
Private Sector Bank
Private Tutor
Private University
Probation Office
Process Server
Produce Market
Produce Wholesaler
Producteur de Champagne
Producteur de Foie Gras
Producteur Eau Minerale
Professional and Hobby Associations
Professional Organizer
Promotional Products Supplier
Propane Supplier
Propeller Shop
Property Administrator
Property Investment
Property Maintenance
Property Management Company
Land Registry Office
Protective Clothing Supplier
Protestant Church
Provence Restaurant
Provincial Council
Psychiatric Hospital
Psychoneurological Specialized Clinic
Psychopedagogy Clinic
Psychosomatic Medical Practitioner
Public Amenity House
Public Bath
Public Bathroom
Public Defender’s Office
Public Female Bathroom
Public Golf Course
Public Health Department
Public Housing
Public Library
Public Male Bathroom
Public Medical Center
Public Parking Space
Public Prosecutors Office
Public Relations Firm
Public Safety Office
Public Sauna
Public School
Public Sector Bank
Public Swimming Pool
Public University
Public Webcam
Public Wheelchair-Accessible Bathroom
Public Works Department
Puerto Rican Restaurant
Pump Supplier
Pumping Equipment and Service
Pumpkin Patch
Punjabi Restaurant
Puppet Theater
PVC Industry
PVC Windows Supplier
Qing Fang Market Place
Quad Rental Service
Quaker Church
Quantity Surveyor
Québécois Restaurant
Quilt Shop
Race Car Dealer
Racing Car Parts Store
Raclette Restaurant
Racquetball Club
Radiator Repair Service
Radiator Shop
Radio Broadcaster
Raft Trip Outfitter
Rail Museum
Railing Contractor
Railroad Company
Railroad Contractor
Railroad Equipment Supplier
Railroad Ties Supplier
Railway Services
Rainwater Tank Supplier
Ramen Restaurant
Rare Book Store
Raw Food Restaurant
Ready Mix Concrete Supplier
Real Estate Agency
Real Estate Agents
Real Estate Appraiser
Real Estate Attorney
Real Estate Auctioneer
Real Estate Consultant
Real Estate Developer
Real Estate Fair
Real Estate Rental Agency
Real Estate School
Real Estate Surveyor
Reclamation Centre
Record Company
Records Storage Facility
Record Store
Recording Studio
Recreation Center
Recycling Center
Reenactment Site
Reform Synagogue


Reformed Church
Refrigerated Transport Service
Refrigerator Repair Service
Refrigerator Store
Refugee Camp
Regional Airport
Regional Council
Regional Government Office
Registered General Nurse
Registration Chamber
Registration Office
Registry Office
Rehabilitation Center
Reiki Therapist
Religious Book Store
Religious Destination
Religious Goods Store
Religious Institution
Religious Organization
Religious School
Religious Seminary
Renault dealer
Renter’s Insurance Agency
Repair Service
Reproductive Health Clinic
Reptile Store
Research and Product Development
Research Engineer
Research Foundation
Research Institute
Resident Registration Office
Residential College
Residents Association
Rest Stop
Restaurant Supply Store
Resume Service
Retail Space Rental Agency
Retaining Wall Supplier
Retirement Community
Retirement Home
Retreat Center
Rice Cracker Shop
Rice Mill
Rice Restaurant
Rice Shop
Rice Wholesaler
River Port
Road Construction Company
Road Construction Machine Repair Service
Road Cycling
Road Safety Town
Roads Ports and Canals Engineers Association
Rock Climbing
Rock Climbing Gym
Rock Climbing Instructor
Rock Landscaping Contractor
Rock Music Club
Rock Shop
Rolled Metal Products Supplier
Roller Coaster
Roller Skating Club
Roller Skating Rink
Roman Restaurant
Romanian Restaurant
Roofing Contractor
Roofing Supply Store
Roommate Referral Service
Rowing Area
Rowing Club
Rsl Club
Rubber Products Supplier
Rubber Stamp Store
Rug Store
Rugby Club
Rugby Field
Rugby League Club
Rugby Store
Running Store
Russian Orthodox Church
Russian Restaurant
Rustic Furniture Store
RV Dealer
RV Park
Recreational Vehicle Rental Agency
RV Repair Shop
RV Storage Facility
RV Supply Store
Saab Dealer
Safe & Vault Shop
Safety Equipment Supplier
Sailing Club
Sailing Event Area
Sailing School
Sake Brewery
Salad Shop
Salsa Bar
Salsa Classes
Salvadoran Restaurant
Salvage Dealer
Salvage Yard
Samba School
Sambo School
Sand & Gravel Supplier
Sand Plant
Sandblasting Service
Sandwich Shop
Sanitary Inspection
Sanitation Service
Satellite Communication Service
Saturn Dealer
Sauna Club
Sauna Store
Savings Bank
Saw Mill
Saw Sharpening Service
Scaffolding Rental Service
Scale Model Club
Model Shop
Scale Repair Service
Scale Supplier
Scandinavian Restaurant
Scenic Spot
School Administrator
School Bus Service
School Center
School District Office
School For The Deaf
School House
School Lunch Center
School Supply Store
School Youth Hostel
Science Academy
Science Museum
Scientific Equipment Supplier
Scooter Rental Service
Scooter Repair Shop
Scout Hall
Scout Home
Scrap Metal Dealer
Scrapbooking Store
Screen Printer
Screen Printing Shop
Screen Printing Supply Store
Screen Repair Service
Screen Store
Screw Supplier
SCUBA Instructor
SCUBA Tour Agency
Sculpture Museum
Seafood Donburi Restaurant
Seafood Farm
Seafood Market
Seafood Restaurant
Seafood Wholesaler
Seal Shop
Seaplane Base
Seasonal Goods Store
Second Hand Store
Secondary School Three
Security Guard Service
Security Service
Security System Installer
Security System Supplier
Seed Supplier
Self-Catering Accommodation
Self Defense School
Self Service Car Wash
Self Service Restaurant
Self-Storage Facility
Semi Conductor Supplier
Senior Citizen Center
Aged Care
Senior High School
Septic System Service
Serbian Restaurant
Serviced Accommodation
Seventh-day Adventist Church
Sewage Disposal Service
Sewage Treatment Plant
Sewing Company
Sewing Machine Repair Service
Sewing Machine Store
Sewing Shop
Seychelles Restaurant
Sukiyaki and Shabu Shabu Restaurant
Shabu-shabu Restaurant
Shan Dong Restaurant
Shanghainese Restaurant
Sharpening Service
Shed Builder
Sheep Shearer
Sheepskin and Wool Products Supplier
Sheepskin Coat Store
Sheet Metal Contractor
Sheet Music Store
Sheltered Housing
Shelving Store
Sheriff’s Department
Shinkin Bank
Shinto Shrine
Ship Building
Shipbuilding and Repair Company
Shipping and Mailing Service
Shipping Company
Shipping Equipment Industry
Shipping Service
Shochu Brewery
Shoe Factory
Shoe Repair Shop
Shoe Shining Service
Shoe Store
Footwear Wholesaler
Shogi Lesson
Shooting Event Area
Shooting Range
Shop Supermarket Furniture Store
Shopping Mall
Short Term Apartment Rental Agency
Shower Door Shop
Shower Door Supplier
Shredding Service
Shrimp Farm
Sichuan Restaurant
Sicilian Restaurant
Siding Contractor
Sightseeing Tour Agency
Sign Shop
Silk Plant Shop
Silk Store
Singaporean Restaurant
Singing Telegram Service
Single Sex Secondary School
Singles Organization
Sixth Form College
Skate Sharpening Service
Skate Shop
Skateboard Park
Skateboard Shop
Skating Instructor
Skeet Shooting Range
Kushiage and Kushikatsu Restaurant
Ski Club
Ski Rental Service
Ski Repair Service
Ski Resort
Ski School
Ski Shop
Skin Care Clinic
Skin Care Products Vending Machine
Skittle Alley
Skittle Club
Skydiving Center
Skylight Contractor
Sleep Clinic
Small Appliance Repair Service
Small Claims Assistance Service
Small Engine Repair Service
Small Plates Restaurant
Smart Shop
Smog Inspection Station
Snack Bar
Snow Removal Service
Snowboard Rental Service
Snowboard Shop
Snowmobile Dealer
Snowmobile Rental Service
Soba Noodle Shop
Soccer Club
Soccer Field
Soccer Practice
Soccer Store
Social Club
Social Security Attorney
Social Security Financial Department
Social Security Office
Social Services Organization
Social Welfare Center
Social Worker
Societe de Flocage
Sod Supplier
Sofa Store
Soft Drinks Shop
Suppon Restaurant
Softball Club
Softball Field
Software Company
Software Training Institute
Soil Testing Service
Sokol House
Solar Energy Company
Solar Energy Contractor
Solar Energy Equipment Supplier
Solar Hot Water System Supplier
Solar Photovoltaic Power Plant
Solid Fuel Company
Solid Waste Engineer
Soul Food Restaurant
Soup Kitchen
Soup Restaurant
Soup Shop
South African Restaurant
South American Restaurant
South Asian Restaurant
Southeast Asian Restaurant
Southern Italian Restaurant
Southern Restaurant (US)
Southwest France Restaurant
Southwestern Restaurant (US)
Souvenir Manufacturer
Souvenir Store
Soy Sauce Maker
Spa and Health Club
Spa Garden
Spa Resort
Spa Town
Spanish Language School
Spanish Restaurant
Special Education School
Specialist Hospital
Specialized Clinic
Specialized hospital
Speech Pathologist
Sperm Bank
Spice Store
Spices Exporter
Spices Wholesalers
Spiritist Center
Sport Tour Agency
Sporting Goods Store
Sports Accessories Wholesaler
Sports Bar
Sports Card Store
Sports Club
Sports Complex
Sports Equipment Rental Service
Sports Massage Therapist
Sports Medicine Clinic
Sports Medicine Physician
Sports Memorabilia Store
Sports Nutrition Store
Sports School
Sportswear Store
Sportwear Manufacturer
Spring Supplier
Squash Club
Squash Court
Sri Lankan Restaurant
Stage Lighting Equipment Supplier
Stained Glass Studio
Stainless Steel Plant
Stair Contractor
Stall Installation Service
Stamp Collectors Club
Stamp Shop
Stand Bar
Staple Food Package
State Archive
State Department Agricultural Development
State Department Agriculture Food Supply
State Department Civil Defense
State Department Communication
State Department Finance
State Department for Social Development
State Department Housing and Urban Development
State Department of Environment
State Department of Tourism
State Department of Transportation
State Department Science Technology
State Department Social Defense
State Dept of Culture
State Dept of Sports
State Employment Department
State Government Office
State Liquor Store
State Office of Education
State Owned Farm
State Park
State Police
State Social Development
Stationery Manufacturer
Stationery Store
Stationery Wholesaler
Std Clinic
STD Testing Service
Steak House
Steamboat Restaurant
Steamed Bun Shop
Steel Construction Company
Steel Distributor
Steel Drum Supplier
Steel Erector
Steel Fabricator
Steel Framework Contractor
Steelwork Design Company
Steelwork Manufacturer
Stereo Rental Store
Stereo Repair Service
Home Audio Store
Sticker Manufacturer
Stitching Class
Stock Broker
Stock Exchange Building
Stone Carving
Stone Cutter
Stone Supplier
Storage Facility
Store Equipment Supplier
Stove Builder
Stringed instrument maker
Structural Engineer
Stucco Contractor
Student Career Counseling Office
Student Dormitory
Student Housing Center
Student Union
Students Parents Association
Students Support Association
Study at Home School
Studying Center
Subaru Dealer
Suburban Train Line
Sugar Factory
Sugar Shack
Sukiyaki Restaurant
Summer Camp
Summer Toboggan Run
Sundae Restaurant
Sunglasses Store
Sunroom Contractor
Super Public Bath
Superannuation Consultant
Superfund Site
Surf Lifesaving Club
Surf School
Surf Shop
Surgical Center
Surgical Products Wholesaler
Surgical Supply Store
Surinamese Restaurant
Surplus Store
Sushi Restaurant
Suzuki Dealer
Suzuki Motorcycle Dealer
Swedish Restaurant
Swim Club
Swimming Basin
Swimming Competition
Swimming Facility
Swimming Instructor
Swimming Lake
Swimming Pool
Swimming Pool Contractor
Swimming Pool Repair Service
Swimming Pool Supply Store
Swimming School
Swimwear Store
Swiss Restaurant
Synchronized Swimming
Syrian Restaurant
T-shirt Company
T-shirt Store
Table & Chair Rental Service
Table Tennis Club
Table Tennis Facility
Table Tennis Supply Store
Tack Shop
Taco Restaurant
Tae Kwon Do Comp Area
Taekwondo School
Tag Agency
Tai Chi School
Taiwanese Restaurant
Takoyaki Restaurant
Talent Agency
Tamale Shop
Tanning Salon
Taoist Temple
Tapas Bar
Tapas Restaurant
Tatami Store
Tattoo and Piercing Shop
Tattoo Removal Service
Tattoo Shop
Tax Assessor
Tax Attorney
Tax Collector’s Office
Tax Consultant
Tax Department
Tax Preparation
Tax Preparation Service
Taxi Service
Taxi Stand
Tb Clinic
Tea Exporter
Tea House
Tea Manufacturer
Tea Market Place
Tea Store
Tea Wholesaler
Teacher College
Technical School
Technical Service
Technical University
Technology Museum
Technology Park
Teeth Whitening Service
Telecommunication School
Telecommunications Contractor
Telecommunications Engineer
Telecommunications Equipment Supplier
Telecommunications Service Provider
Telemarketing Service
Telephone Answering Service
Telephone Company
Telephone Exchange
Telescope Store
Television Repair Service
Television Station
Temp Agency
Tempura Donburi Restaurant
Tempura Restaurant
Tenant Ownership
Tenant’s Union
Tennis Club
Tennis Court
Tennis Court Construction Company
Tennis Instructor
Tennis Store
Tent Rental Service
Teppanyaki Restaurant
Tex-Mex Restaurant
Textile Engineer
Textile Exporter
Textile Mill
Thai Massage Therapist
Thai Restaurant
Theater Company
Theater Production
Theater Supply Store
Theatrical Costume Supplier
Theme Park
Thermal Baths
Thermal Energy Company
Thread Supplier
Threads and Yarns Wholesaler
Thrift Store
Tile Contractor
Tile Manufacturer
Tile Store
Time and Temperature Announcement Service
Timeshare Agency
Tyre Manufacturer
Tire Shop
Title Company
Tobacco Exporter
Tobacco Shop
Tobacco Supplier
Tofu Restaurant
Tofu Shop
Toiletries Store
Toll Road Rest Stop
Toll Booth
Toner Cartridge Supplier
Tongue Restaurant
Tonkatsu Restaurant
Tool & Die Shop
Tool Grinding Service
Tool Manufacturer
Tool Rental Service
Tool Repair Shop
Tool Store
Tool Wholesaler
Topography Company
Topsoil Supplier
Tour Agency
Tour Operator
Tourist Attraction
Tourist Information Center
Tower Communication Service
Towing Equipment Provider
Towing Service
Townhouse Complex
Toy and Game Manufacturer
Toy Library
Toy Manufacturer
Toy Museum
Toy Store
Toyota Dealer
Tractor Dealer
Tractor Equipment Supplier
Tractor Repair Shop
Trade Fair Construction Company
Trade School
Trading Card Store
Traditional Costume Club
Traditional Kostume Store
Traditional Market
Traditional Restaurant
Traditional Teahouse
Traditional American Restaurant
Traffic Officer
Traffic Police Station
Trailer Dealer
Trailer Hitch Supplier
Trailer Manufacturer
Trailer Rental Service
Trailer Repair Shop
Trailer Supply Store
Train Repairing Center
Train Ticket Agency
Train Ticket Counter
Train yard
Training Centre
Training School
Transcription Service
Transmission Shop
Transportation Escort Service
Transportation Service
Travel Agency
Travel Clinic
Travellers Lodge
Tree Farm
Tree Service
Trial Attorney
Tribal Headquarters
Trinity Church
Triumph Motorcycle Dealer
Trophy Shop
Tropical Fish Store
Truck Accessories Store
Truck Dealer
Truck Farmer
Truck Parts Supplier
Truck Rental Agency
Truck Repair Shop
Truck Stop
Truck Topper Supplier
Truck Wash
Trucking Company
Trucking School
Truss Manufacturer
Trust Bank
Tsukigime Parking Lot
Tune Up Supplier
Tuning Automobile
Tunisian Restaurant
Turf Supplier
Turkish Restaurant
Turkmen Restaurant
Tuscan Restaurant
Tutoring Service
Tuxedo Shop
Typewriter Repair Service
Typewriter Supplier
Typing Service
Udon Noodle Restaurant
Ukrainian Restaurant
Unagi Restaurant
Underwear Store
Unemployment Insurance Consultant
Unemployment Office
Unfinished Furniture Store
Uniform Store
Unitarian Universalist Church
United Church of Canada
United Church of Christ
United Methodist Church
United States Armed Forces Base
Unity Church
University Department
University Hospital
University Library
Upholstery Cleaning Service
Upholstery Shop
Urban Planning Department
Urgent care center
Urology Clinic
Uruguayan Restaurant
Pacific Northwest Restaurant (US)
Used Appliance Store
Used Auto Parts Store
Used Bicycle Shop
Used Book Store
Used Car Dealer
Used CD Store
Used Clothing Store
Used Computer Store
Used Furniture Store
Used Game Store
Used Motorcycle Dealer
Used Musical Instrument Store
Used Office Furniture Store
Used Store Fixture Supplier
Used Tire Shop
Used Truck Dealer
Utility Contractor
Utility Trailer Dealer
Uzbeki Restaurant
Holiday Apartment
Vacation Home Rental Agency
Vacuum Cleaner Repair Shop
Vacuum Cleaner Store
Vacuum Cleaning System Supplier
Valencian Restaurant
Valet Parking Service
Van Rental Agency
Vaporizer Store
Variety Store
Vascular Surgeon
Vastu Consultant
VCR Repair Service
Vegan Restaurant
Vegetable Wholesale Market
Vegetable Wholesaler
Vegetarian Cafe and Deli
Vegetarian Restaurant
Vehicle Examination Office
Vehicle Exporter
Vehicle Inspection
Vehicle Shipping Agent
Vending Machine Supplier
Venetian Restaurant
Venezuelan Restaurant
Ventilating Equipment Manufacturer
Venture Capital Company
Veterans Affairs Department
Veterans Center
Veterans Hospital
Veterans Organization
Veterinary Pharmacy
Video Arcade
Video Camera Repair Service
Video Conferencing Equipment Supplier
Video Conferencing Service
Video Duplication Service
Video Editing Service
Video Equipment Repair Service
Video Game Rental Kiosk
Video Game Rental Service
Video Game Rental Store
Video Game Store
Video Karaoke
Video Production Service
Video Store
Vietnamese Restaurant
Village Hall
Vineyard Church
Vintage Clothing Store
Violin Shop
Virtual Office Rental
Visa and Passport Office
Visa Consultant
Visitor Center
Vitamin & Supplements Store
Vocal Instructor
Vocational College
Vocational School One
Vocational School
Volkswagen Dealer
Volleyball Club
Volleyball Court
Volleyball Instructor
Volunteer Organization
Volvo Dealer
Voter Registration Office
Voting Facility
Waldorf Kindergarten
Waldorf School
Walk-In Clinic
Wallpaper Store
War Museum
Warehouse club
Warehouse store
Washer & Dryer Repair Service
Washer & Dryer Store
Waste Management Service
Watch Manufacturer
Watch Repair Service
Watch Store
Water Cooler Supplier
Water Damage Restoration Service
Water Filter Supplier
Water Jet Cutting Service
Water Mill
Water Park
Water Polo Pool
Water Pump Supplier
Water Purification Company
Water Ski Shop
Water Skiing Club
Water Skiing Instructor
Water Skiing Service
Water Softening Equipment Supplier
Water Sports Equipment Rental Service
Water Tank Cleaning Service
Water Testing Service
Water Treatment Plant
Water Treatment Supplier
Water Utility Company
Water Works
Water Works Equipment Supplier
Waterbed Repair Service
Waterbed Store
Waterproofing Company
Wax Museum
Wax Supplier
Waxing Hair Removal Service
Weather Forecast Service
Weaving Mill
Web Hosting Company
Website Designer
Wedding Bakery
Wedding Buffet
Wedding Chapel
Wedding Dress Rental Service
Wedding Photographer
Wedding Planner
Wedding Service
Wedding Souvenir Shop
Wedding Store
Wedding Venue
Weigh Station
Weight Loss Service
Weightlifting Area
Welding Gas Supplier
Welding Supply Store
Well Drilling Contractor
Wellness Center
Wellness Hotel
Wellness Program
Welsh Restaurant
Wesleyan Church
West African Restaurant
Western Apparel Store
Western Restaurant
Whale Watching Tour Agency
Wheel Alignment Service
Wheel Store
Wheelchair Rental Service
Wheelchair Repair Service
Wheelchair Store
Wholesale Bakery
Wholesale Drugstore
Wholesale Florist
Wholesale Food Store
Wholesale Grocer
Wholesale Jeweler
Wholesale Market
Wholesale Plant Nursery
Wholesaler Household Appliances
Wi-Fi Spot
Wicker Store
Wig Shop
Wildlife and Safari Park
Wildlife Park
Wildlife Refuge
Wildlife Rescue Service
Willow Basket Manufacturer
Wind Farm
Wind Turbine Builder
Window Cleaning Service
Window Installation Service
Window Supplier
Window Tinting Service
Window Treatment Store
Windsurfing Store
Wine Bar
Wine Cellar
Wine Club
Wine Storage Facility
Wine Store
Wine Wholesaler and Importer
Winemaking Supply Store
Wing Chun School
Wok Restaurant
Women’s Clothing Store
Womens College
Women’s Organization
Womens Personal Trainer
Womens Protection Service
Women’s Shelter
Wood and Laminate Flooring Supplier
Wood Floor Installation Service
Wood Floor Refinishing Service
Wood Frame Supplier
Wood Stove Shop
Wood Supplier
Wood Working Class
Woodworking Supply Store
Wool Store
Work Clothes Store
Workers’ Club
Working Womens Hostel
Wrestling School
X-ray Equipment Supplier
X-ray Lab
Xiang Cuisine Restaurant
Yacht Broker
Yacht Club
Yakiniku Restaurant
Yakitori Restaurant
Yamaha Motorcycle Dealer
Yarn Store
Yemenite Restaurant
Yoga Instructor
Yoga Retreat Center
Yoga Studio
Youth Care
Youth Center
Youth Clothing Store
Youth Club
Youth Group
Youth Hostel
Youth Organization
Youth Social Services Organization
Zhe Jiang Restaurant